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What is Cinematic Cookbook?

The plan was:

  1. We find a highly respected, award-winning Hollywood cinematographer
  2. We put him or her in a room with two actors sitting at a table, and give them a a $300 camera and a few lights
  3. Then, we say “Make it look funny!” “Make it look sad!” “Make it look scary!” “Make it look dramatic!”

And so we did. And cinematic magic happened.

What is DV Enlightenment?

The DV Enlightenment course is a brilliant and highly enlightening tutorial in Hollywood lighting for digital video for anyone wanting to shoot stunningly beautiful, cinematic quality footage—for filmmaking, marketing projects, broadcast, special interest video, education or any other purpose.

Instant wow.

FilmStyles filters for Final Cut Pro X

Watch the demo movies here!

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  • "Your DV Enlightenment course will be a huge help to experienced DPs, TV stations and video departments to quickly bring interns and assistants up to speed on lighting gear, theory and practice."
    Andy Browne
  • "I ended up using your FilmStyles plugins on every shot of my most recent job, and the client is thrilled! Thanks for the great product!"

    Rob MacMullan
  • "The insights of a Hollywood professional like Brad are invaluable. Knowing where and why he chose to place lights is something you can not get anywhere else."

    Shane Walsh
  • "I’ve been in the business for 15 years and DV Enlightenment was was one of the most informative and well produced training films I’ve seen. I’ve been trained by professionals in lighting, but DV Enlightenment was a great refresher course."
    Dave E
  • "The DV Enlightenment tutorial from is one of the best I have ever seen. It explains and demonstrates the different components of lighting and does so in a clear and interesting manner, it makes professional lighting seem intuitive. "
    Ken Stone
  • "I've been shooting for years and have never thought of shooting this way. Cinematic Cookbook made it so easy to get amazing looks."

    Stephanie Walsh