#2 Secret of Shooting Video to Look like Film: Use a professional light kit (when possible)

#2 Secret of Shooting Video to Look like Film: Use a professional light kit (when possible)
shot with existing lighting

Notice how dull and drab this shot appears… the subject does not "pop" out from the background, little contrast

shot with the Lowel
DVcreator Kit 1

Notice this picture, as well as just looking spectacularly better, also looks more 3 dimensional, since light is being used to "model" the subject, where the top picture looks flat and amateurish. Even the candles look mundane in the top shot, where they add real sparkle to the lower.

In your DV creation pursuits, out of everything you invest in, probably the second most important thing, in terms of making an instant, dramatic improvement in the quality of your finished projects, will be using a decent light kit.

Lowel asked us to design the ultimate low cost professional light kits, and we did- the DVcreator Kit 1, 44 & 55. We have used this exact kit in 1000 training events around the world because of its quality, versatility, portability and reliability.

The DVcreator Kit 1 includes the Tota-light for a strong, broad key light that can also be bounced off the included Tota-brella for a soft light Source. There’s also a flexible, focusable Omni light with gel frame, gel assortment and barn doors, plus the versatile 250 watt Pro light- an ideal rimlight for the smaller shooting situations we DV creators encounter. This kit also contains a Tota-flag to reduce spill, three of the new, smaller, more stable Uni-stands, all cables and a secure extra bulb carrier, in a self-contained hardshell or soft case.

Anyone who has seen the dramatic difference in our "before" and "after" shots at our trade show seminars realize the huge difference a light kit can make in almost any shot.

The good news: instead of thousands for most pro light kits, the entire DVcreator Kit 1 starts at under $820 (with soft case)!

This kit is rugged and reliable- I’ve had one similar kit since 1988, meaning it’s cost me less than $4.50 each month to have high quality, professional lighting when I need it. (It’s one of the only things I own that will never be obsolete!) It’s versatile enough to light an interview, one-shots, two-shots, group shots, product shots, and a large variety of other situations.

Remember, faster GHz, more GB, more processors, a better monitor, software upgrades and in many cases a more expensive camcorder will result in zero improvement to the visual quality of your final project. Zilch. Nada. Nyet. Non.

The DVcreator Kit 1, used competently, will make a huge, dramatic, instant improvement, making your footage, and thereby your finished projects, sparkle and shine with a high-end, professional Hollywood look.

More info at: http://dvcreators.net/lowel-dvcreators-light-kits

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  1. paul langereis 15 years ago

    Hi Josh,

    I was wondering about the power supply needed for the lighting kits you guys offer. (110v? 220v?) and amperage considerations. Please let me know asap.

  2. guy 15 years ago

    US Kit are 120V and UK models are 240V.
    You can order UK kits through the DVeStore, just order as normal and put “Add $100 for UK cords and lamps” in the comments field during checkout.

  3. paul langereis 15 years ago

    Thanks for the info, Guy. I know in the near future I will be purchasing one of the lighting kits for school productions.

  4. allen leitch 13 years ago

    I’m hoping to buy a used kit from the states, but I’m based in the uk.
    Can I possibly buy just the lamps and cables from DVcreators??


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