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  • Final Cut Pro X update from London

    Apple held a private Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) briefing for enterprise contracts in London on July 6th. One first hand report has been posted to the internet detailing what Apple discussed during the event. Alex4d summarizes tweets by @aPostEngineer which reveals the following points: 1. FCP XML in/out is coming via 3rd party soon…no FCP 6/7 support project […]
  • What does the guy who led the original Final Cut Pro revolution think of the Final Cut Pro X release?

    Yes it did! In case anyone is interested in my take on the release of Final Cut Pro X, here it is. First, let me say this first article is just about the release, and not about the software itself. I promise that henceforth I will focus on the actual FCPX software and forget all the hullabaloo. But this article […]
  • Guy’s NAB 2011 Wrapup

    What was cool at NAB 2011? Sure, there was a lot of innovation and buzz, but what will I actually buy and use? A Sony F3 with S-log and Zeiss $30k Master primes? Probably not. The things that got me really excited went largely unnoticed, but here’s some of my favorites: ATEM Mixer Switchers Under tight NDA the night before […]
  • Monitoring your work in Final Cut Pro

    When you’re EDITING, you can make good decisions just watching the Canvas Window on your laptop. But for color grading, it’s critically important to watch your show on a monitor that’s displaying an accurate image. Monitoring is important because all your color grading work is going to be off if the monitor you’re watching while you work is not telling […]
  • DVXUser Deals!

    DVeStore is a proud sponsor of DVXUser, one of the best filmmaker forums on the internet! Your voice is just as important to us as your patronage, and here you’ll find a collection of deals we’ve put together specifically for DVXUser members. As a DVXUser, you automatically get 5% off ANYTHING you purchase, just add an item to the shopping […]
  • Holiday Greetings and some jazz from your friends at DVcreators.net

    All the crew here at DVcreators.net wishes all of you a happy, relaxing and safe holiday season! Excuse the off-topic post, but here are some videos of a jazz quartet including Michelle and Josh, the two founding members of DVcreators.net: http://lajazzconnection.com/category/videos/ Unlike the multicamera shoots with sound from the board we’ve shot for clients, this is just a GL2 sitting […]
  • What’s the difference between Final Cut Express & Final Cut Pro?

    Since Final Cut Express was released, the gap has narrowed between FCE and FCP. Express is a perfectly fine editing program and should work well for anyone not needing the extra features Final Cut Pro has, which include: support for a lot more codecs, from the wonderful Pro Res to IMX, DVCPRO, XDCAM and a lot more support for third […]
  • Where can I find stock photos for use in video projects?

    Where can I find stock photos for use in video projects? When moving footage is not available, don’t forget about still photos! You can animate still photos with motion and scale, crop them, apply filters (like sepia, B & W, color tint) and sometimes stills can fill empty spots in your timeline as well or even better than a video […]