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  • Matrox CompressHD Accelerator Card

    Want faster HD encodes? from Guy Cochran on Vimeo. If you’re a professional content creator delivering H.264 files for Blu-ray, the web, and mobile devices, you need a fast, flexible, high quality encoding workhorse. Matrox CompressHD is the first implementation of Matrox MAX technology in an amazingly affordable H.264 accelerator card. It works with DV Kitchen to let you create […]
  • Matrox MXO2 and MX02 Mini

    The new Matrox MXO2 is the first truly portable device that gives you broadcast-quality input/output, monitoring, and up/down/cross conversion to streamline your workflow with Apple Final Cut Studio 2. It’s lightweight, fits in your laptop bag, and runs for hours on a field battery. It lets you work seamlessly in any format you want. Enjoy new-found freedom with Matrox MXO2 […]
  • Matrox MXO

    Monitor · Output · Convert Matrox MXO is a versatile, all-in-one monitoring, output, and scan conversion device for the Mac that you’ll use in many different ways. Because it’s small and portable, it makes your laptop a mobile editor. And because it’s hot swappable, you can easily move it to any workstation in your facility. Matrox MXO is ideal for: […]
  • What does the guy who led the original Final Cut Pro revolution think of the Final Cut Pro X release?

    Yes it did! In case anyone is interested in my take on the release of Final Cut Pro X, here it is. First, let me say this first article is just about the release, and not about the software itself. I promise that henceforth I will focus on the actual FCPX software and forget all the hullabaloo. But this article […]
  • Guy’s NAB 2011 Wrapup

    What was cool at NAB 2011? Sure, there was a lot of innovation and buzz, but what will I actually buy and use? A Sony F3 with S-log and Zeiss $30k Master primes? Probably not. The things that got me really excited went largely unnoticed, but here’s some of my favorites: ATEM Mixer Switchers Under tight NDA the night before […]
  • DVXUser Deals!

    DVeStore is a proud sponsor of DVXUser, one of the best filmmaker forums on the internet! Your voice is just as important to us as your patronage, and here you’ll find a collection of deals we’ve put together specifically for DVXUser members. As a DVXUser, you automatically get 5% off ANYTHING you purchase, just add an item to the shopping […]
  • FireStore FS-4 HD

    FireStore FS-4 HD NEW! Click to view a Demo. Only in the DV eStore Theatre! Q. Why would I need one of these new devices? A. To save yourself hours of valuable time – no more capturing It’s not everyday that you come across a device that will literally revolutionize an industry. I can hardly believe such an item exists. […]