A Big DVC Announcement!

A Big DVC Announcement!
The Big Announcement

joshDVcreators was founded over 15 years ago. We were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to help lead the digital video revolution. Over the years, we’ve helped a million people and organizations improve the quality of their video projects and workflow.

I am deeply grateful for the support we received from so many manufacturers, from Apple to Canon, Lowel, Intel, Rode, Artbeats, SmartSound, and so many more. There have been far too many people who were pivotal in DVcreators’ success to name. I am most grateful of all to the world of bright, ambitious video creators with a dream who trusted us to guide them in their video creation pursuits.

For many years, I’ve been on a quest to find the right person to whom to pass the DVcreators torch and help a new generation of video creators. The quest has finally ended.

I am excited to announce, for the first time in its 15 year history, a new DVcreators President & CEO: Ryan Phillips.

Ryan is an AICP Award-nominated commercial and narrative director who has produced branded content for companies like Intel and Nespresso, worked in business development in Seattle and as a director of marketing in Los Angeles.

What is truly remarkable about Ryan is the depth of his understanding about the creative process of producing a moving image project and the connections between human emotion, lighting, psychology, shot selection, philosophy, camera technique, storytelling and editing, and his ability to articulate that deep understanding clearly and concisely in a way that provides true illumination and comprehension.

He understands the big picture of video creation, from the first twinkle of a creative vision to the finished edit, as well or better than anyone I’ve ever met. And we have been working together for 7 months on a slate of new revolutionary courses that I am very excited to say will be the very greatest products DVcreators has ever produced.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Ryan to his new mission in the comments below!

Message from Ryan

rphillipsSo one day, Michelle calls me in to see if I might be a good fit for their company.

Full disclosure: I have a weird professional background. My B.A. is in Comparative Literature. It is as lucrative as it sounds. And at twenty-one, my dream of becoming a comic book artist wasn’t looking any more promising. So I dug into business development and by twenty-three, I was the director of marketing at one of the most influential transportation consulting firms in California.

So what did I do next? Went to film school. Duh.

Before I graduated, my spec commercial for Pilot Pens was nominated for an AICP Award. The only director at Ridley Scott’s production company to get nominated that year was an intern. Hehehe.

After grad school I won some contests and directed short films, music videos, and branded content for little companies and big companies, but I still felt like I could be doing more. There was something missing.

So, as it turns out, it didn’t take long for Josh and I to discover an amazing synergy in each other’s knowledge and approach. Our perspectives on digital filmmaking are complimentary, combining Josh’s teaching methods and knowledge of technology, and my filmmaking perspective, rooted in storytelling and emotion.

Now I look back at all the tutorials, videos, books and lectures I’ve seen and know why they failed to make an impact.

My goal for the future of DVcreators is simple: to offer you knowledge that is both instantly useful, and profoundly impacts your understanding of the art and craft of the moving image. To revolutionize your workflows. And to give you tools that help you make effective, memorable videos for any kind of project and any purpose.

TLDR: Nice to e-meet you and I can’t wait for you to see our amazing new courses!

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