Shoot smarter launched in 1999. Fifteen years and a million happy customers later, we are proud to be considered the world’s finest digital video training company.

We’ve helped almost every Fortune 1000 company on the list, and nearly every network and studio you can think of. Major universities, branches of government, and independent producers round out our list of customers who have mastered the art of digital video.

Our mission is to provide the knowledge and resources you need to make your videos great and your workflows easy.


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Master all aspects of video production with our award-winning courses, available for download or stream.


From simplified encoding and movie note-taking to teleprompting and plungins, we have software to make your life easier and your work better.


Go to the ‘Gear’ section of our site to get anything you need at the DVeStore, from cameras and mics to hard drives and lights.


Everything we learn, you learn. Go to our blog for tips, tricks, and gear recommendations.


Visit our forums for any questions or comments you have on everything related to digital video creation.


We have custom-made groups for cameras, companies, and topics like Location Sound, Lenses, and Lighting to help guide discussions and questions.

Our story.

In 1998 Josh Mellicker became one of the first three people in the world outside Texas Instruments Labs to capture video through Firewire. “Wow! This is going to change things!”

In February of 1999, was contacted by Apple for the important mission of helping launch their professional video application division, starring Final Cut Pro. Josh received a beta of FCP 1.0, making him one of the first people (outside the dev team) to edit with FCP. (Here is the very first free Final Cut Pro seminar tour, led by Josh.)

In April of 1999, the world’s first Final Cut Pro training product, Final Cut Pro Powerstart, was released alongside Final Cut Pro 1.0 at NAB. This was to be the only FCP training product on the market for almost 9 months. Apple bought thousands to train their own staff on the program.

On Saturday, May 1, 1999, Josh hosted the world’s first Final Cut Pro users group meeting at Promax Systems in Irvine, CA.

Shortly thereafter, launched the world’s first Final Cut Pro focused website,

In the summer and fall of 1999, Josh was chosen by Apple to introduce Final Cut Pro to the U.S. with several free seminar tours and two interactive CD-ROMs. Josh also consulted with Apple on marketing materials and trained Apple development executives on presenting FCP. also launched coast-to-coast 3-day workshops, called “The DV Revolution” starring Final Cut Pro. These workshops were heavily promoted by Apple and sold out quickly. To this day the DV Revolution Workshops remain the most successful digital moviemaking courses in history.

In 2001, Apple once again entrusted with a critically important mission- running Apple’s first-ever hands-on training lab on the floor of the NAB show in 2001. It was such a resounding success there was a stampede each morning when the show opened to get tickets for the day’s events.

Over the next several years, and Apple worked together to present digital video training workshops in 60 cities in 5 countries.

In 2003, put on the biggest digital video free seminar tour in history, with over 160 events across the U.S., sponsored by Canon, Intel, Pinnacle, discreet, Lowel, SmartSound, Artbeats and others.

In 2004, Josh Mellicker was chosen as the world’s top video production expert for the very prestigious Conference Chair of the NAB Production Conference.

Since then, we have been busy producing more self-paced training and software, and have a few major secret multi-year projects in the labs, so stay tuned!


  • "You guys did it again! PromptDog is very simple and intuitive."
  • "PromptDog is a great, easy to use simple solution."
  • "Genius! I’ll use your software all the time. I’m hooked. Keep it up."
    John Putch
  • "Great program! I’ve been waiting for a software package like QT Movie NoteTaker, since I spend countless hours critiquing video productions for students."
  • "I’ve been in the business for 15 years and DV Enlightenment was was one of the most informative and well produced training films I’ve seen. I’ve been trained by professionals in lighting, but DV Enlightenment was a great refresher course."
    Dave E
  • "Your DV Enlightenment course will be a huge help to experienced DPs, TV stations and video departments to quickly bring interns and assistants up to speed on lighting gear, theory and practice."
    Andy Browne
  • "The DV Enlightenment tutorial from is one of the best I have ever seen. It explains and demonstrates the different components of lighting and does so in a clear and interesting manner, it makes professional lighting seem intuitive. "
    Ken Stone

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  2. I’m the presedient of a videographers and photographers association in los Angeles. We’re looking for a presenter for Final Cut to speak a one of our up and comming events. Could someone please call Mario @ (323)465-2191 store 10am to 6pm Mon-fri (323)377-8711 cell or Darryl Bryant (310)655-1620

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    Tjanks for starting up with DVGear talk again. I love the podcast. keep them coming!

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    Guy has always been right on point with all my technical inquiries, here in San Diego. I am very pleased to know he is part of your team.

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