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have you heard of the digital video revolution? yeah, we helped start that.
Since the early 1990’s, and with over a million happy customers, we’ve been proud to be considered the world’s finest digital video training company.
We’ve helped Fortune 1000 companies, Hollywood movie studios & broadcasters, major universities, non-profits, government and independent producers improve the quality of their digital video projects and workflows.
Our mission is to provide the knowledge and resources you need to make your videos great and your workflows easy.


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Video creators enlightened.
Our story.

We are some of the first people in the world to put video on the web, on


We pioneer the video-based software training product paradigm with our product, “Secrets of StudioVision Pro.”


We are one of the first people in the world to capture video through a prototype Firewire board from Texas Instruments Labs.


We design and execute the most successful digital video editing marketing campaign in history, resulting in the world’s #1 Macintosh VAR, and #1 Adobe Premiere reseller.


DVcreators is contacted by Apple to help launch their professional video application division, starring Final Cut Pro. We release the world’s first Final Cut Pro training product, Final Cut Pro Powerstart, at NAB 1999, alongside Final Cut Pro 1.0. Apple buys thousands to train their own staff. In July, we introduced Final Cut Pro to the world with a series of free seminar tours and two Apple interactive CD-ROMs. In August, we launched the “DV Revolution Workshop,” a 3-day workshop covering the entire digital video creation process. Tens of thousands of people learned video production from the DV Revolution Workshop, and to this day the DV Revolution remains the most successful digital moviemaking workshop in history.


Apple once again entrusts DVcreators with a critical mission: managing and teaching in Apple’s first ever hands-on training lab on the floor of the NAB show. Stampedes arrive each morning to get tickets for the day’s events. Over the next several years, DVcreators and Apple work together to present digital video training workshops in 60 cities in 5 countries.


DVcreators puts on the biggest free digital video seminar tour in industry history, with 160 events across the U.S. The event is sponsored by Canon, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Pinnacle, discreet, Lowel, SmartSound, Artbeats and others.


DVcreators is chosen for the prestigious position of Conference Chair of the Production Conference for NAB, the world’s biggest video industry trade show.


DVcreators develops its own digital distribution platform to deliver its video courses online for streaming and download.


DVcreators’ teleprompting software, PromptDog, is released to huge success. A political campaign orders 4 copies, and wins the Presidential election.


DV Kitchen, the popular video publishing software, is released. Winning 4.5 stars from MacWorld, DV Kitchen is widely considered one the world’s top video encoding solutions.


DVcreators releases FilmStyles Final Cut Pro plugins.


Ryan Phillips takes over as President of DVcreators.

  • "I ended up using your FilmStyles plugins on every shot of my most recent job, and the client is thrilled! Thanks for the great product!"

    Rob MacMullan
  • "I've been shooting for years and have never thought of shooting this way. Cinematic Cookbook made it so easy to get amazing looks."

    Stephanie Walsh
  • "The insights of a Hollywood professional like Brad are invaluable. Knowing where and why he chose to place lights is something you can not get anywhere else."

    Shane Walsh
  • “This is the best. We have been trying software for 4 years and nothing comes close or as good as this. Congratulations!”
  • "You guys did it again! PromptDog is very simple and intuitive."
  • "PromptDog is a great, easy to use simple solution."
  • "Genius! I’ll use your software all the time. I’m hooked. Keep it up."
    John Putch
  • "Great program! I’ve been waiting for a software package like QT Movie NoteTaker, since I spend countless hours critiquing video productions for students."
  • "I’ve been in the business for 15 years and DV Enlightenment was was one of the most informative and well produced training films I’ve seen. I’ve been trained by professionals in lighting, but DV Enlightenment was a great refresher course."
    Dave E
  • "Your DV Enlightenment course will be a huge help to experienced DPs, TV stations and video departments to quickly bring interns and assistants up to speed on lighting gear, theory and practice."
    Andy Browne


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