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The is a free, worldwide association for professionals and prosumers involved in digital video creation or a related field.

Currently in Phase One (pre-launch), we are inviting you to join us. Upon joining, you will fill out a profile that indicates your skills and/or your company’s services.

Other members can contact you through the private messaging system to collaborate on projects.


Get jobs.

If you are a freelance shooter, editor, lighting designer, motion graphics artist, narrator, DVD author, or have any other digital media related skill, and are available for hire, joining the network puts your listing in front of tens of thousands of producers who may need your talents.

If you or your company offers digital video-related products or services, you are welcome to advertise for free*.

Even if you only get one job a year from your listing, it’s very much worth the couple minutes it takes to join. Of course it is our intention that is far more valuable than that!

*By “advertise”, we mean to promote your services or products in your network listing… not by spamming our forums! Also, we reserve the right to reject applications for membership for any reason, including services we feel inappropriate.


If you are not freelance, but are involved in video creation for business, education, non-profit, worship, government or any other area, we will strive to make the network valuable to you in many ways.

Need help troubleshooting a problem? Need to hear from others with your setup? Need an expert DP for a very important shoot, a great voice-over, an awesome opening title animation, an expert editor or a custom music soundtrack for a project? Need to purchase some gear and want to hear from current owners? We will always work to get you better information, better prices, and better help and resources.

Need some help?

Have an interesting project but no budget? Need a second or third camera at a corporate shoot, wedding, a behind-the-scenes shooter or just an extra hand to move lights and gear?

Search for “eager-to-learn”s in your area, but make sure you make it worth their while in experience (and food!), and pay them at least a minimal amount if at all possible.

Eager to learn?

Since experience is the best teacher, we also have an “eager to learn” category. If you would like to participate in local shoots or intern in postproduction for cheap or free, click this option, you’ll gain expertise, make connections, have fun and be moving up to “expert”!

Always free.

Joining the, searching, and listing your talents will always be FREE. No matter how big or valuable the network gets, we promise you we will never put a charge on basic membership.

There will probably be some premium membership options in the future if we think of something valuable enough, or if members ask for something expensive or time-consuming for us to develop. But our goal is to consistently add to the value of the free, all at no cost to you.

Requirements of members

Just because membership is free doesn’t mean it is without responsibility or obligation.

First and foremost, we require every member to conduct themselves with ethics, honesty and professionalism, and strive to be helpful and a valuable asset and resource to the community.

We ask that you set aside a small amount of time, just a few minutes every few days, to help other network members. This help will primarily be answering questions on our forums, though you are also welcome to write articles, submit reviews of the gear you own, contribute to our FAQs, or help in many other ways.

Also, we require that all businesses listing their services on the display a small “member of” image on their websites’ home page. We encourage individuals to also display this image if they wish. FAQ

Can I link to my demo reel?

Absolutely. You can link to your reel, another site with your resumé, samples, or any information other members would find helpful.

Does take a percentage of revenue from jobs I get from my listing?

Nope. Not a penny. Once you’ve made several thousand dollars, we’d appreciate it if you took us out for sushi sometime, but it’s not required. 🙂

Why is doing this?

When was formed in 1999, we chose “.net” instead of “.com” because our original concept was to become a worldwide community of DV creators and organizations, who could share information and other assets, collaborate on projects, network, obtain group discounts, and help each other.

In the last 6 years we have become a very good “.com”, selling tons of our instructional discs, and teaching workshops in five countries to over 14,700 attendees. In doing so we have become one of the most trusted and respected educational organizations in the digital video realm. But aside from our forums, we have not developed as a “.net”. So it’s time to get started! has a large community of digital media creators already (over 100,000 subscribers to our DV Revolution Report and tens of thousands of unique visitors to our website monthly). And people trust our commitment to quality and value. It is our destiny to now take the next step.

Do you endorse members?

No, is simply a free service provided to you. Just because someone is a network member doesn’t mean we have checked them out, vouch for them, recommend them or endorse them in any way.

However, it does mean they have NOT received complaints from other network members. We believe over time, members will be the most reliable source of talent and information in the digital media arena.

Can my membership be terminated?

Yes. We reserve the right to terminate any member’s membership anytime for any reason, including unethical behavior, inappropriate posts, or legitimate complaints from other network members.

How do I join

It is easy and completely free to join. Just click here to register and fill out your profile.

Welcome to!


  1. jefferis peterson 16 years ago

    Got a link for the member logo icon or banner? It has to be able to blend with the existing design to be on the home page…

  2. Lucille 16 years ago

    Hi, Lucille from Moonlighting Film Production Showreel in Cape Town, South Africa. I need a really great dvd designer (authoring) to do our in-house showreel. Let me know if you can help us.


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