Adding a remote folder to DV Kitchen

Adding a remote folder to DV Kitchen

This movie shows how to add a folder on your remote server to DV Kitchen, as well as showing some tips and shortcuts along the way.

For more info on DV Kitchen, click here.


  1. Dave 14 years ago

    I would really like to see a few more step by step tutorials on DV Kitchen particularly on publishing the movie files to a web site. The manual is not comprehensive enough for those of us who need a little more “step by step” instruction. Thank you very much and I think this is a great program for the price – You can’t beat it !!

  2. grace 14 years ago

    We are definitely working on more movies. But, the manual does have step-by-step instructions on publishing under the Media Publishing section. It steps through publishing Quicktime and Flash movies and the various options with each.

    But, also check out the movie on this page:

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