After Effects PowerStart

After Effects PowerStart

Some of you may be wondering what we’ve been up to lately. Well, we have many top-secret projects cooking up in our lab, buried deep within the Hollywood hills (yes, we’ve taken over Dr. Evil’s lair after his retirement).

One thing is that we’ve collaborated with the great Stephen Schleicher on the world’s finest After Effects hands-on course. Final Cut Pro editors have delved into LiveType, then Motion, but many are finding they are still seeking an industrial-strength motion graphics and compositing environment. There are many great reasons After Effects continues to be the tool of choice for top industry professionals doing everything from major film and broadcast work to corporate, education, science, medicine and more.

We are very happy with how this course turned out. The effectiveness of the training is only matched by the quality of the production… unparalleled in my (biased) opinion!

After Effects PowerStart
is the world’s best learning experience for mastering After Effect’s unique and sophisticated motion graphics creation environment, whether you are a professional graphics artist, video or film editor, or new to digital media.

After Effects PowerStart excerpt 1
After Effects PowerStart excerpt 2
After Effects PowerStart excerpt 3
After Effects PowerStart excerpt 4
After Effects PowerStart excerpt 5

(the links above are simply Quicktime movie excerpts, and are NOT presented in our Chunkalized™ learning environment. They are provided just to give you a glimpse of the product quality and content, but won’t give you a feel for the actual learning experience. But they are neat, eh? You must have Quicktime 7 to view these excerpts- but the actual DVD only needs Quicktime 6)

What will I learn in this course?

After Effects PowerStart consists of two lessons: “Foundations” and “Advanced”.

The Foundations course begins with a series of modules covering the After Effects interface and basic concepts. Then, you will build a simple but ultra-cool title animation and gain a solid grasp of the entire After Effects project creation process and workflow.

Then, in the Advanced course, you’ll dive many layers deeper into After Effects, building an sophisticated, professional-level project incorporating video, vector elements, text, effects, masks, nested compositions, alpha channels, transfer modes, 3D layers, and many other intermediate to advanced features of After Effects.

How is this course presented

To master any software, you must do, not just watch. After Effects PowerStart is presented in the next-generation, innovative chunkalized™ learning environment, light-years beyond any other teaching method. You will actually build the tutorial project yourself in After Effects with the help of your virtual instructor. Each technique and process is presented in a series of clear, easy-to-understand steps.

Why is this course far superior to the plethora of other training books and discs?

After Effects PowerStart was created by top experts Stephen Schleicher and Josh Mellicker. Stephen, a well-known digital media expert and teacher, was chosen by Adobe as one of the world’s top After Effects gurus to write large sections of their advanced Classroom in a book. Josh is considered among the foremost experts in motion graphics and digital media, and has been working with After Effects since the CoSa days.

Unlike other products that rehash the product manual or cover tools and concepts in an order convenience to the author, each and every concept and action presented on this DVD is presented in context of completing a real world task. So you’ll immediately be able to put what you’ve learned to work on your very next project.

And we deliver this all to you with crisp, sharp, high quality visuals on your computer screen, unlike fuzzy, headache-causing DVD video discs. The movies on After Effects PowerStart are huge, so you get the whole picture. The easy-to-use navigation and comprehensive map also allow you to jump directly to any section for quick reference after you’ve been through the entire course.

What if the course goes too fast or too slow?

Speed is not even an issue with our training discs. We encourage you to learn at your own pace. In our chunkalized(tm) learning environment, you must verify that you understand and have completed each step in the process before your virtual instructor moves on. Quickly move through sections you understand, make your virtual instructor go over difficult concepts as many times as you need without worrying about other students or the time limits of a class. You have total control.

What if I have a question?

No one should have to learn alone. Our “Ask a Question” button will allow you to post your question on our After Effects forum for thousands of other users, including our own industry-leading instructors, to answer. You can ask questions, offer advice, and share tips in a collaborative, organized online environment on the very topic that you are currently learning.

Should I buy After Effects PowerStart if I’ve been using After Effects for years?

This course is mainly designed for new users with material that will be familiar to anyone who has been working in After Effects for a while. However, any editor who has not yet attained the mastery of After Effects they desire will find going through the whole course from the beginning solidifies and improves their understanding of After Effects.

We do guarantee that you’ll find tons of unique tips and secrets sprinkled throughout the course that will be invaluable for any After Effects artist.

Course Outline

Interface Orientation • Compositions • Project Settings • Solids • Transform Properties • Text Tool • Intro to Keyframing • RAM Preview • Creating Multiple Keyframes • Animation Presets • Rendering • Import • Animation Shortcuts • Continuous Rasterization • Work Area Markers • Raster Images • Masks • Nesting • Navigator View • Moving Keyframes • Markers • Modes • Effects • Easing Keyframes • Track Mattes • Working with Photoshop Files • Motion Blur • Trendy Title Appear • The Uberkey • Text Animation Presets • Animating a Blur • Light Burst • Animating Tracking • Speeding up RAM Previews • Audio • 3D Layers • The Final Render

After Effects PowerStart course on DVD-ROM

For new users to professional motion graphics artists

Requirements: recent model computer with Mac OS X or Windows XP, QT 6+, 1280 X 1024 monitor, DVD drive

Availability: Shipping NOW!

Price: $79.95

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  1. Jeremy fitzpatrick 16 years ago

    I have recently purchased your entire range of DVD products for RMIT University for whom I work in the multimedia dept.. They are great! In fact for me they are the best out there and light years ahead of much of the competition. The examples are quite progressive and show creativity on hte part of the presenter.

    The only problem that I have is that there are not enough products in the range. I would most likely have odered all of your DVD’s at four times the range.
    Subsequently I had to go to a range of other providers to get the range that I needed for my students. Come on guys how about some more products… 🙂

    For example:
    Advanced Motion
    Particle Effects training
    Soundtrack Pro
    Audio Effects
    Advanced video shooting and production FX

    Let me know when you produce and I will order. I am sure that there are many other teachers in the same boat as myself who don’t have enough time to buld the lesson from scratch and doorknock on the Library dept. and say get me everything you can on this subject. I am going to pass on your details to all of the fellow lecturers in other insitutes where I also work.

    Good work, let there be more,
    Jeremy Fitzpatrick

    PS. How about a podcast, that would really open access up to teacher/trainers like myself who are searching for content.

  2. Ron 16 years ago

    Wow, what a great tutorial. You did a terrific job in making it clear and meaningful. I like your interface and way it was all put together. Great Job. I have to admit that I learned a lot for watching it.

  3. Erzen 16 years ago

    Great Job !

    Best greetings from Albanian video editors and special thanks for your amazing team.
    Erzen Pasha

  4. Feroz 15 years ago

    great tutorial.

    i learned lot of stuff in this tutorials.

    Well done guys..

    Animation Team (Fiji Islands)

  5. Josh 15 years ago

    Thanks Feroz! Can we come visit you?

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