"After FCP7/FCS3… we still need DVKitchen!"

"After FCP7/FCS3… we still need DVKitchen!"

Allan Tepper, ProVideo Coalition.com, just posted this great article explaining why DV Kitchen is still a necessary tool for the digital video creator even with the latest new features of Final Cut Studio 3!

Here’s an excerpt:

FCP7 brings many welcome exporting/sharing features, but we still need DV Kitchen for the following reasons:

Final Cut Pro 7 fortunately now offers many inboard “sharing” features which were very weak or non-existent before. Now FCP7 allows us to export to multiple formats and destinations in a single job (called “Back-End Batch Capability” in my DV Kitchen review of March 2009). FCP7 even allows us to export “in the background”, so we can keep on editing if we’d like. Thanks to FCP7’s improved integration with Apple’s Compressor, some of the encoded formats can be published directly to web destinations, whether they be MobileMe, YouTube, or even your own FTP server (after you’ve previously made a preset destination for it in Compressor). These are all welcome improvements, which are directly accessible from FCP7. However, DV Kitchen is still a vital tool (especially if you’re encoding for MobileMe, your own web server… or your client’s web server), because it includes the following unique and must-have features not included in FCP7/FCS3 . . .

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  1. Erik 13 years ago

    I just can’t figure Compressor out. When I use the new feature ‘Share’ in FCP7 and I select my home-made encoder-settings (which I made in Compressor) with x264 encoder 320×180 the quality is much worse compared to the ‘old’ method of ‘Export..’ and using the same settings (x264, 320×180).

    Anybody any idea?

  2. Paul Hardt 13 years ago

    The new FCp 7 has upgraded itself & taken a lesson from DV Creators. However DV Kitchen is STILL a top of the line necessary product. I feel that every active editor / producer needs this tool. To determine your needs through the Sample Lab and be the master of your choice of bit rate & then output your product is way worth the price. I am always pleased with results. Stable & predictable.


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