After finishing my project, how do I archive it?

After finishing my project, how do I archive it?

When you finish a project, save:

  1. Your latest Final Cut project file, any Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro etc. project files
  2. Any media you created in other software, e.g., Photoshop graphics, 3D animations, music, etc.
  3. Your video clips

The fastest and cheapest archiving method is buying (2) large external drives, and copying to both. This way, if one drive malfunctions, you still have the other.

Every few years, it’s a good idea to transfer all your archives into new, larger drives to refresh the data.


  1. Shingle 16 years ago

    My question is about archiving a short film derived from huge amounts of video. Is there any way to extract just the media that was used for archive? This way I can avaoid saving bins full of stuff that was not entirely used. Any suggestions?

  2. FCP User 15 years ago

    Tried experimenting with Media Manager to save only the clips in use + add some handles in case you need some minor adjustments later?

  3. Josh 15 years ago

    Yes, this procedure is detailed in this course (along with tons of other things!):

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