an example of great editing

an example of great editing

This video has so many great elements- the pacing, timing, order and choice of shots, the music choice, most of all the message, which of course is what video is all about. Quite inspiring.


  1. Hugh Dorigo 16 years ago

    Simple, yet brilliant. Who cares what the frame rate was or what camera was used?

  2. pound 16 years ago

    That was rich with elements, and the bonus was the emotional ride. Thanks

  3. Rick 16 years ago

    Awesome video… inspirational and well edited…

  4. Lee Berger 16 years ago

    Made my day.

  5. Johnny Sorg 16 years ago

    What was so great about this clip?
    I think it was the idea behind the video that was great, and
    not the editing itself. I was expecting something great and
    ended up disapointed.

  6. Sharon Winzler 16 years ago

    It was as if I was there in the crowd wanting to be a participant. The editing and techniques were simple making the video ‘transparent’ and that is what makes it great for me.

  7. Joel 15 years ago

    I liked it. The editing set a nice pace and matched with the music. I liked that it went from black and white when no one was giving him hugs, to color as soon as he started getting them. Kind of a “your hugs light up my life” sort of feeling. Nice video.

  8. BonxX 14 years ago

    Amazing editing! I don’t think a lot of you are realizing how much was fit in that short span of time. Pretty Good.

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