Apple announces Final Cut Studio 2 – Final Cut Pro 6 – Motion 3 – Soundtrack 2 – etc.

Apple announces Final Cut Studio 2 – Final Cut Pro 6 – Motion 3 – Soundtrack 2 – etc.

Notable points:

  • Final Cut Studio 2 will be available in May for $1,299, or $499 for the upgrade
  • Final Cut Pro 6 has an Open Format Timeline that lets editors mix and match virtually any video format and frame-rate in a single Timeline without transcoding. Hope this works with nesting and media management!
  • ProRes 422 format for uncompressed HD quality at SD file sizes and support for mixed video formats and frame rates in a single Timeline- nice feature. ProRes 422 will run at about 18-20 MB/sec (normal quality) or 27-30 MB/sec  (high quality) for HD, or 5 MB/sec (normal) to 8 MB/sec (high quality) for SD. So, 6 – 10 times more hard drive space than HDV, but faster rendering and editing (because it’s all I-frame, no B-frame)
  • Livetype is still included
  • The ability to edit Motion templates with video drop zones and editable text fields directly in Final Cut Pro- this could be a real timesaver.
  • Motion 3 has a "multiplane" 3D environment, meaning not true 3D, but flat layers in 3D space, lit by 3D lights and "shot" by cameras that can move through 3D space, like After Effects, which is cool. Individual (flat) letters can move in 3D, and even cooler, 3D particle systems, which could be rotated in tandem with the camera moves of the underlying footage, leading to more realistic composited particle effects.
  • Motion 3 has vector based paint tools to allow editors to create brushes with color, particles, video or pictures.
  • A motion tracking feature, if it works well, will be very useful.
  • You can now use audio volume and frequency to affect any affectable parameter
  • Optical Flow retiming means generating inbetween frames that could produce very smooth slow motion.
  • From Apple’s Final Touch acquisition comes Color, a separate program with more advanced color grading than Final Cut Pro’s 3 way Color Corrector. The primaries in Color include advanced color correction tools such as gamma, lift and gain adjustments, as well as custom R, G, B and luma curves, and the secondaries provide the ability to isolate specific areas of an image with soft- edged mattes and custom-shaped vignettes. This was a $25,000 program, then $5,000 that is included at no charge in the Studio bundle.

    Professional scopes provide precise monitoring of chrominance and luminance values via waveforms, histograms and new 3D scopes. Color offers a seamless roundtrip workflow where projects can be sent from Final Cut Pro 6 directly to Color for grading, finishing and final rendering with 32-bit float 4:4:4 image processing.

  • Soundtrack Pro 2 adds an interface upgrade and surround mixing tools enable users to create 5.1 and stereo mixes in the same project.

    There’s also a royalty- free library of over 5,000 professionally produced foley and sound effects, including over 1,000 surround sound effects and evocative multi-channel music tracks. A powerful new Conform tool enables users to synchronize and track changes between
    picture and sound editorial.

  • Apple today also introduced Final Cut(R) Server, a powerful new server application that works seamlessly with Final Cut Studio 2 to provide
    media asset management and workflow automation for post production and broadcast professionals.

Final Cut Studio 2 – Upgrade from Final Cut Studio

Availability: Ships in May
Price: $499.00

Final Cut Studio 2 – Upgrade from Final Cut Pro 1,2,3,4 or FCP HD

Availability: Ships in May
Price: $699.00


Final Cut Studio 2 

Availability: Ships in May
Price: $1299.00



  1. Josh 16 years ago

    Here’s a play-by-play of the “unveiling” event today:

  2. Josh 16 years ago
  3. Marvin 16 years ago

    I’m signing the Purshase Requisition for this hot moma between wiping drops of drewl from my mouth now!


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