Being a DV Creator Is Not Just For Film Makers Anymore

Being a DV Creator Is Not Just For Film Makers Anymore

Being a digital video creator used to be for the artistic or creative film making individuals that wanted to bring a little Hollywood into their personal world, but nowadays, thanks to the internet that has changed.

In today’s era, small businesses and corporations can utilize webcasts to reach and interact with their current customers, as well as reaching out to potential customers in a way that was never available to them before.

In this Yahoo news article, the author explains how webcasts are helping people in emerging markets expand their reach, educate their customers and employees and increase their brand awareness.

(via Why Webcasts Are Perfect for Tapping Into Emerging Markets – Yahoo! News.)

Internet penetration in emerging markets is growing at a dramatic pace, and businesses are particularly enthusiastic early adopters. Commerce and lead generation in these markets are now just a click away, and one way to pique interest is through video webcasting.

Webcasting is relatively new in emerging markets, and has proven to be extremely popular. While the media in developed economies often outshines the humble webcast, business leaders in emerging economies have taken to it with enthusiasm.


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