Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro $199!

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro $199!

Want to view your project out to an HD monitor? Add the incredible quality of HDMI to your computer. Intensity features the latest HDMI technology for the highest quality capture and playback on Windows or Mac OS X computers. Now you can edit using big-screen HDMI televisions and video projectors, or capture uncompressed quality from HDV cameras. Intensity features HDMI-in for connecting to cameras and digital set-top boxes for the highest quality

Intensity Pro is the first card to combine the high quality of HDMI capture and playback with the wide compatibility of analog component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video and analog audio capture and playback. It enables users to capture directly from the HD camera’s image sensor, bypassing the video compression chip for true uncompressed video quality. Now users can go beyond the quality limits of HDV for editing, design and authoring with Intensity Pro.

Intensity Pro can be connected to any big screen television or video projector for incredible edit monitoring. Current computers don’t have the processing speed to render complex multi later real time effects in HDV playing back to FireWire cameras. Intensity solves this problem by outputting video on HDMI and analog outputs for big screen monitoring in both SD or HD formats.

On-Air Software for Real Time Video Mixing
Included with every Intensity Pro card for real time video mixing is the popular On-Air software. On-Air allows customers to plug in two Intensity or Intensity Pro cards into a computer for two camera mixing for live video production.

Intensity Pro instantly switches between the 1080 HD, 720 HD, NTSC and PAL video standards. Intensity Pro is fully compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and any DirectShow or QuickTime based software application on Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Tested and works when capturing via HDMI to FCP with the ProRes 422.

Intensity Pro Features
• HDMI video and audio capture and playback.
• Analog capture and playback in component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video.
• Stereo analog audio capture and playback.
• Capture and playback DV, HDV, Online JPEG and uncompressed video.
• Use for edit playback monitoring on televisions and video projectors.
• HDMI and Component switches between HD and SD.
• Real time effects supported in Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.
• Live production editing with Blackmagic On-Air mixing software with two cameras.
• Video capture and playback with Blackmagic Media Express utility.
• PCI Express 1 lane for compatibility with 1, 4, 8 and 16 lane PCI express slots.
• Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X Universal.
• Includes breakout cable with RCA-type connectors for analog video and audio.

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro

Availability: Usually ships same/next day.
Our Price: $199.00


  1. Eric Piercey 15 years ago

    Does this card work for monitoring output from Apple Color?

  2. guy 15 years ago

    Yes. Works with output from Apple’s Color application. Just choose it in the prefs.

    • Prabod Shrestha 13 years ago

      sounds good that it works with Apple’s color, i am sure it works with Nuendo for sure but does it work with 720p 24fps ?

  3. ulyssesdude 15 years ago

    Just to clarify: in order to capture uncompressed HD you would record directly from the camera to the computer (no tape and capture) through HDMI? I have a Canon A1 and no HDMI out, so that doesn’t seem to be an option. Too, isn’t it cumbersome to drag around a tower when trying to shoot?

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  4. guy 15 years ago

    Correct. If your camera/deck has an HDMI port you can feed directly to the Intensity and capture. This is more for a studio application, such as Green Screening.

  5. Chris 15 years ago

    Will the intensity card work to monitor video output with avid media composer software?

  6. guy 15 years ago
  7. Mike 15 years ago

    can you monitor video from all final cut studio applications and other adobe applications such as after effects?

  8. guy 15 years ago

    FCP, Motion, Color, Adobe After Effects, Shake,Combustion preview output

  9. Chris 15 years ago

    I’m confused as hell, I want to buy this, but it says it doesn’t support Powermac G5? But every person I seen with this installed on there computer has a G5. Heres my technical specs, I just want to make sure I’m not wasting my money.

    Machine Name: Power Mac G5 Quad
    Machine Model: PowerMac11,2
    CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (1.1)
    Number Of CPUs: 4
    CPU Speed: 2.5 GHz
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 1 MB
    Memory: 6 GB
    Bus Speed: 1.25 GHz
    Boot ROM Version: 5.2.7f1

    • Sam 12 years ago

      Has to be intel base mac

  10. guy 15 years ago

    Your G5 Quad sounds like one of the only G5 model that has a PCI Express slot so it should work. Read more here

  11. David Jolosky 15 years ago

    In response to Mike about After Effects CS3. Despite what the marketing speak is on BM’s website (and I’ve spoken to them several time) the Intensity Pro will not give you any REALTIME RAM previewing in After Effects. Motion is hit and miss with the realtime. FCP is dang good!

    I’ve talked to several peoplo at Blackmagic and they confirm that there is no “REALTIME” in AE or MOTION out of the Intensity Card. Just a heads up.

    You can see stills and check your look from AE but no playback worth anything if you are in a client/review situation in your studio.

  12. Mark 14 years ago

    I was looking around for a capture card to be able to record games from my XBOX 360. I found BlackMagic and was just wondering if that is possible? Also, if the XBOX 360 games can be recorded, can they broadcasted via an internet URL Live or saved and later broadcasted? Thanks in advance.

  13. guy 14 years ago

    Is your XBOX 360 a newer model with HDMI output? We have the older model with component output which would allow copying as far as I know. With HDMI having HDCP copy protection, you may not be able to get a bit for bit copy.

  14. 19Grumpah42 14 years ago

    Can anyone advise me on why I record no audio from my sound card’s optical SPDIF output from my MB Realtek HD-Audio (being fed by 3rd party video download software on the same PC) on the HDMI input to the Intensity Pro card? I use a 3rd party device to mix SPDIF audio with video, and this works fine when feeding PCM optical SPDIF from a separate player device. The optical SPDIF output from the Realtek fed from this source is fine if I plug it into my Onkyo amplifier, but I get nothing recorded by Blackmagic Media Express when I plug it into the Intensity Pro. I have tried muting the recording using the secret switch on the Record tab, but no effect. I do not actually know whether the Realtek outputs PCM (as opposed to DTS) and I cannot find any guidance about that from Realtek links. Could zero recorded sound be an indication of something to do with “rights management” interfering? Any comments welcome. –G

  15. Kris 14 years ago

    OK, I’m getting my butt-kicked by Blackmagic Intensity Pro and DeckLink HD Extreme – yes both I have two G5 with cards in both of them – here is my problem – everything on both cards work, capture, output to video and audio – BUT when we plug the HDMI cable to an HDMI monitor the image looks like crap! at first we thought i was the monitor so we tried 2 other different brands and nothing seems to work, i’m not sure what we are doing wrong, can anyone help

    thanks in advance

  16. Kris 14 years ago

    It’s all good contacted BM last nite they walked me right thru –

  17. timgray 14 years ago

    So if I have a G5 that has pcie slots (one of the very last G5’s made) Will this card work in it for preview monitor use?

    I read both, I want to hear from someone that put this in their DualCore G5 and it works perfectly with FCP. it seems the company that makes it could care less about us Legacy G5 owners so they use the blanket “go away G5 people” line by telling it’s not supported but they plan on it…

    So does it work or should I simply get more entertainment out of burning 350 $1 bills instead.

  18. JTF 14 years ago

    Will this record the signal coming from my cable box? My cable box has HDMIN output. Thanks.

  19. Guy 14 years ago

    If the signal has copy protection, the Black Magic Intensity will not allow the signal to be captured. See

  20. Ed Flint 14 years ago

    I am building a video edit system for the EOS5mkII… anybody has used a intensity card for that allready?.Any suggestions?


    • guy 14 years ago

      You’d want to transcode to a less processor intensive codec such as XDCAM, DVCPRO or ProRes. The Canon 5D Mark II’s H.264 codec produced movies with the Intensity is not going to play out smoothly.

      • nimix 13 years ago

        It wont work at all, because Intensity Pro is only supporting interlaced formats at 1080 (e.g. 1080i50 or 1080i60). The Canon 5DII produces full frame video (1080p30).
        I’m currently looking for another card to be able to preview during editing.

    • Peter 13 years ago

      Actually, I converted my 5d2 files to ProRes and it works beautifully. Never tried the MOV files, so I can’t speak to that.

  21. Mike Versteeg 14 years ago

    Hi Guy,

    Saw your video on YouTube. I wonder if this card will work with VidBlaster, it would have to come with a WDM driver. Does it?



  22. Greg Pineda 14 years ago

    I have an Intensity Card. It works in the Slots on my Intel Mac, but I can’t seem to make it fit in my Older Mac G5 PowerPC. Is it supposed to work or just in the Intel Mac?
    Thanks for any help on this.

    • guy 14 years ago

      The Intensity works in only the G5 Quad Core and new MacPro units or computers with a PCI express card slot aka PCI-e. The older G5’s were PCI-X.

  23. Drago Jaklic 14 years ago

    I would like to by 2 intensity pro for life mixing on my new mac.My 2 EX-1 cameras do not have HDMI so i would have to go with 2 mini converters HD SDI – HDMI and plug them into mac.
    1.Can I preserve my 10 bit SDI signal pro ress with that converter box ?

    2.Do not need any audio from camera , will get audio through small mixer and RCA inputs on the card.(Only one Intensity will have sound in and other no,will that work ?

    3.Any way possible that you can have 3-rd camera in the future , that would be heaven

    Thank you

    • guy 14 years ago

      I’m fairly certain that the HDMI ports are 8 bit not the HDMI 1.3 10 bit. So you’ll lose a bit of color information. The audio would have to come with the HDMI Signal so you would need some kind of convertor which did HDSDI with embedded audio to HDMI. Looks like Blackmagic does have such an animal
      3 cameras would be sweet. I’m sure they know, that is a lot of data to push through a single computer.

  24. d2p 14 years ago

    I have 5 of the Intensity Pros… and one by one they have stopped providing audio to the HDMI capture? Any ideas?

    4 Mac Pro Intel’s and one Dell 690 are the systems

    BM driver version 2.1.1 – QT 7.5.5 and Either Premiere CS4 or CS3 or Final Cut Studio 2

    Cheers and thanks

    • Yoyo 14 years ago

      got same issue! any idea?

    • paradise1man 13 years ago

      i own an early 2008 mac pro and i had the same issue after installing the blackmagic intensity pro card no audio while capturing live but after i finish and play back the recorded file it’s fine and the audio is 100% but it would be better if they fix this issue so you can hear what you are recording live.

  25. Roger Mamer 14 years ago

    I record student projects for a university, and I have
    a need to record the output of a computer that the students
    are demostrating their projects on. It output is from a dvi
    output of a graphic card. I know I can go dvi to hdmi with
    a cable. will the Intensity Pro capture that image and record it
    then can I use the other port to go to the hdmi projector.
    And what macintosh will I need to do this I do have a duel G5,
    but I am not sure it has a pci Express slot on it, so I also need
    to know how I can tell. And It would be nice if someone had an
    example capture that I could look at.

    • guy 14 years ago

      The Intensity card is looking for a 1080 or 720 video signal, unless your computer can output at 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 720p50 and 720p59.94, it may not recognize it. Only the G5 Quad core MacPro had PCI-Express. Check under the Apple Menu>About this Mac>More Info to see your computer’s specs.

  26. Den Niko 14 years ago

    So what about Shake? I can’t make it work.. Blackmagic says Intensity Pro does support Shake, but there’s not even a word in the Intensity user manual about Shake. Any ideas? Maybe some Shake prefs changes needed ? thanks

  27. That 1 guy 14 years ago

    will this work to record xbox 360 using HDMI? if so how would you have to set it up to do that?

  28. Chase 14 years ago

    Anyone know if you can also use the HDMI out to run a second/third display from your mac pro? I would be using this mainly in After Effects to output to an HD monitor, but it would be an added convenience to be able to play movie files, view websites, etc on this monitor as if it were part of my desktop.

    • guy 14 years ago

      The Intensity is meant as an Input / Output card for video capture and playback, it does not do extended desktop. The AJA Kona card does (at 5 times the price)

  29. carlos domínguez 14 years ago

    the intensity pro card also features ie-1394 (firewire conection), sorry my english it´s no good

    • Guy 14 years ago

      no Firewire IEEE-1394 port on the Intensity Pro. Only HDMI and analog Component.

  30. monkeytone 13 years ago

    Can I use the Intensity Pro to monitor a 24p timeline in FCP or Color? The specs all say 60i, and I called Black Magic support and the guy that took my call was horrible, all he did was look at the specs on the website (terrible customer service!).

    I know someone out there must be using this thing for monitoring 24p timelines…even if it only works in 60i, as long as FCP and Color are adding 3:2 pulldown to the output it should work I would think…

    Anyone using it for this?

    • mayer 13 years ago

      Even though it says it does not support a 24p timeline, when I created a 24p timeline with 24p footage it played flawlessly onto my hdmi tv in final cut pro. I have not tried using the 24p timeline with apple color. The blackmagic intensity pro is displays realtime in final cut pro, and in apple color, in motion it is so terrible I get like 11fps, so just a heads up. The intensity pro is great and it does support 24p.

  31. Jorge Gomes 13 years ago

    If I have 2 cards on my mac, can I connect and live edit 4 cameras at the same time?


    • Guy 13 years ago

      Thanks for asking. Only 2 Sources are able to be used with 2 Intensity Pro cards.

      • Jorge Gomes 13 years ago

        Which means that for each camera, I need one capture card, but how far can I go, 3 cards/3 cameras?

        • guy 13 years ago

          2 cards per computer – that’s it.

  32. G.Richman 13 years ago

    Does this work if you already have 2 monitors? I know it doesn’t do 3rd monitor desktop, but can I have two monitors running FCP windows and this outputting the video? Also, I saw one user posted a comment that it works with 24p, but the brochure says it doesn’t? Which is it?


  33. Zeeshan Muhammad 13 years ago

    Does the Intensity Pro allow for immediate playback / live preview of video and audio while recording or can it only offer playback after recording is done?

    Also, does this support “progressive scan”, specifically 480p.

    Thank you.

  34. joe toots 13 years ago

    will it work for istopmotion pro 2 cuz it says it will work on the website?

  35. Mr. Awesomezzz 13 years ago


    can you hook this up to an imac. i dont see how you can but can you. i wanna buy this and hook it up to my xbox, viewsonic, and then to my imac. help

    • guy 13 years ago

      Unfortunately, the iMac does not have PCI-e slots for further expansion. You’ll need a MacPro or Windows desktop machine.

  36. Abhi 13 years ago

    Hi Guy,

    I went through the entire post and its really interesting.great stuff.Need some help.

    we are trying to connect a Sony HDR-XR100 Handy cam using a mini-HDMI cable to HDMI port on the intensity pro. The problem we are facing is :
    1. The media express software which comes with the card says “capture initialisaion failed”
    2. Do we need a HD monitor connected to the computer for this? We currently have a normal TFT monitor connected but even through some other applications the video either turns out to be blank or nothing happens at all. We can see the decklink driver for video and audio in all applications.

    Any advise will be helpful. Many thanks

  37. Smittie 13 years ago

    Hi Guy

    Just a clarification before I place my order. Does the $199 for the Intensity Pro include the Breakout Cables?


    • Guy 13 years ago

      Yes, thanks for asking. The breakout cables are included. I appreciate you shopping with us!

  38. Jim Hunt 13 years ago

    I remember reading that the Intensity Pro will work only with the Canon HV30 and Premiere 4.0.1. I’ve just purchased a card, have an HV20 and am planning on buying Premiere 4.0.1
    very soon. Using the HV20 with CS3 and firewire did not allow preview while
    I missing a setting or is that just the way it is? Very good quality if we can just edit
    with Premiere w/o losing 1/3 the picture along with picture quality after the edit…any ideas here??? Might 4.0.1 solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance!!

  39. Gary DiPaula 13 years ago

    I have a late model Quad-core G5 with pci-e slots. If I import DVCProHD 720/24p footage from a P2 card, and put it in a compatible timeline, will I be able to play it back from a FCP timeline without rendering it to some intermediate format?

    • Gary DiPaula 13 years ago

      Since no one replied, I will let you know that I bought this card and tried it out and the answer to my question is “yes” it will work. Thanks to me!

      • Paul 13 years ago

        So the card works in a Power Mac G5? I have one of the late model G5’s with the dual core 2.3ghz processor, it has PCIe slots, so is it safe to assume it will work even though Blackmagic’s website says that it wont???

        • Gary DiPaula 13 years ago

          Yes, it will work. But I’ll be honest. This card is kind of crappy. I bought one and thought something was wrong with it because the output quality wasn’t good. Sent it back to B&H. They sent me a new one and it had the same problem.

  40. Mark 13 years ago

    Do this work with Imacs and or macbook pro lap tops?

    • Guy 13 years ago

      The Intensity Pro is a PCI-e card which install in desktop computers – the iMac and the MacBook Pro would require another solution. For our MacBook Pro, we’re using the Matrox MXO2 Mini with the Express34 slot – it is however, a more expensive option.

  41. Simon Ko 13 years ago

    Hi – I enjoyed your video which helped explain it all to a newcomer like myself. Thanks! I am interested in getting this card but I have two questions:

    – I am editing SD and monitoring on my TV set through Firewire and a Sony DSR-11 deck. I will continue to need this set up. Can I keep it all in place after installing the Intensity card? Or if I set up the Intensity with monitor, can I also use it for my SD work? Would I have to do a lot of plugging and unplugging of my DSR-11 deck everything I wanted to do SD etc?

    – Do you have any recommendations for monitors to use with the Intensity card? I was thinking of something like the one you use in the video which can take both audio and video through the HDMI. But if I am able to use the set up for SD as well, is there any particular type of monitor I should be looking for?


    • guy 13 years ago

      Thanks Simon. I’m glad that you enjoyed the video. You can leave the Intensity set-up and just choose to capture DV NTSC over FireWire from the DSR-11. However, if it were me, I try to capture a short section through analog SD with the Intensity and see how it looks/performs. You may find that if you choose a higher data rate codec to capture in that your motion graphics will look better.
      I would recommend getting a monitor with HDMI that is 1920 x 1080 if possible so there is zero scaling of high def 1080i sources. It just depends on your budget as to which model to purchase. I’m currently using the IKAN 17″ – it’s full 1920×1080 and works great on set.

  42. Joe 13 years ago

    Does it allow streaming video (such as use for website)

    Is it Playstation 3 compatible?

    • Joe 13 years ago

      I guess I answered my own question, it won’t work with Playstation 3 because of HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)

  43. Jack 13 years ago

    Hey, I have iStopmotion and the Sony HDR XR200E. I also have the Matrox MX02 Mini. What I was wondering is how would I connect my Sony to iStopmotion. I have MacBook Pro 15″. Please help.

  44. yaniv 13 years ago


    I’m looking to buy an intensity pro to work with Apple Motion and Adobe AE. but I was wondering if I can get realtime preview on my external HD TV with this card with an intel Mac Pro 4 cores ?

  45. Erik Nordeng 13 years ago

    Hi, i was planning to buy this product to record my Ps3, which I have to do through component because of the copy protection and I have a few questions: I live in Europe, will this card support the video signal coming out of my PS3 component? I’ve had alot of problems with PAL signals in the past, and in case it doesn’t work, do you guys have any return policy for us living outside the US?

    Sincerely, Erik

  46. LUNDE 13 years ago

    Hi, when plugging the Hdmi from My Xbox 360 into a Intensity Pro. Will the Video feed on my pc screen be delayed?

    Coz if not i could Play straight on my Full HD pc screen, without connecting to a TV.


    • guy 13 years ago

      Hi Lunde,

      There will be a delay. The best bet is to use your “TV” plugged into the Intensity as it loops the HDMI back out.

  47. D. Marriott 13 years ago

    I am just wondering, will a intensity pro work on a new macbook pro 13inch, and how would i set it up as it seems i have to open the laptop

    • guy 13 years ago

      Thanks for asking. The MacBook does not feature a PCI-e slot. You’ll need a desktop computer such as the MacPro tower to install the PCI-e card in.

  48. M. T. 13 years ago

    How does the Intensity Pro connect to my computer?
    I want to record my PS3
    Does this product work with IMovie?

    • guy 13 years ago

      Thanks for asking. The Intensity Pro is a PCI-e card, which is placed in a desktop computers PCI-e slot internally. This unit does not work well with the PS3 through HDMI due to HDCP. We have not tested Capture with iMovie, but you should be able to Capture with the Free Utility then Edit with iMovie.

  49. Smitty 13 years ago

    Everything is fine with the capture card, but when I try to open the Blackmagic Media Express v1 it opens but when I click on the “capture” tab the program freezes and Windows shutsdown the program saying “the program isnt working correctly”. Everything is set up right, the cables, the card, and even the programs, but I dont know if its the computers fault or the programs fault. I believe its a 2004 or 2005 computer Windows Vista PC maybe its just a old computer and the capture card cant work with it?

  50. Reza 13 years ago

    I am confused. I w`d like to know that, if I have a Black magic Intensity Pro card and a good PC So I can edit HD Video on real time with Pre.. Pro and Final C Pro ?
    Is That right ?

    Pls let me know ..


    • guy 13 years ago

      With the Blackmagic Intensity Pro and a computer meeting the minimum requirements, you will have the ability to input and output HD video through HDMI or analog component. The card supports both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. For more info, please see the specs at

  51. Andrew Ramirez 13 years ago

    My plan is to use 2 Blackmagic Intensity cards in a PC (i7p20, SATA II RAID, 6GB 2000Mhz DDR-3 CL7) in 2 scenarios as follows:

    1. to live monitor 2 cameras (Sony HDR-SR11 & JVC gz-hd7)
    2. to live capture from HDR-SR11 to Adobe After Effects CS4 (doesn’t have to be real-time, just need at least a still for composition reference relative to inscreen graphics) so on-screen talent can preview themselves relative to graphics in keyed areas, sorta like the weathermen do.

    2 Questions:

    Are both scenarios possible? If not, are any of the scenarios possible. If not how would you handle the above (What equipment do I need to purchase?)

    Is it recommended to have seperate RAIDs for video capture?

    Anyone’s feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  52. dominic 13 years ago

    I’m trying to take a live picture input from Canon HV20 video camera into istopmotion on an imac. Firewire won’t work with HDV only DV setting so picture quality poor. Blackmagic Intensity Pro looks interesting but won’t work with iMac because no PCI-e slot internally.
    Please does anyone have any other ideas as to how I can capture HD picture quality into istopmotion on the iMac?



    • guy 13 years ago

      For an iMac there is a FireWire 800 solution from AJA with IO box and the MOTU V4, however, both are very expensive. It would be cheaper to buy a MacPro and add the Blackmagic Intensity or buy a MacBook Pro and use a Matrox MXO2 Mini.

  53. Troy Dubb 13 years ago

    So if i understand this correctly, this will not work on a PS3 since its HDMI Output is Encoded with HDCP?

  54. Rajendra 13 years ago

    Can I capture video from Dvd and Tv

    • guy 13 years ago

      The card accepts HDMI or analog component. As long as your device outputs using these connections, you will be able to capture from a TV or DVD source.

  55. TJ Tan 13 years ago

    I am from the Philippines. If I want to purchase one of this, how much will it cost me for shipping and everything? Thanks a lot! Hoping for your soonest response.

    • guy 13 years ago

      Simply add the item to your cart and the shipping calculator will let you know. There are two options, USPS Priority International or Express. Typically, a package this small is about $32 via Priority and $58 Express.

  56. Nedd 13 years ago

    I have Intensity pro and didn’t manage to get HDMI to work with my Macbook Pro 13″ connected via minidisplay to HDMI convertor. None of the resolutions will give a regular picture, only black. Anybody has idea of connecting this two?

  57. Mikee 13 years ago

    I want to record my ps3 gameplay with the blackmagic but my computer is downstairs and my ps3 upstairs, can’t i connact my ps3 now with my computer ?? i have a mac and going all cables over the trap is not a good idea.

  58. Philip 13 years ago

    Hi I wanted to use the intensity pro to capture from ps3 using component output cable.

    I also done this with a setupbox earlier this year. And it worked like a charm. output 1080i to intensity pro in macpro and edit direct in fcp.


    when I use the ps3 component cable it does not seem to work.
    all the settings on macpro for input are set to recieve the analog-component 1080i signal from the ps3.
    but still get a black screen.

    any ideas would be welcome.

  59. prabod shrestha 13 years ago

    sounds good that it works with Apple’s color, i am sure it works with Nuendo for sure but does it work with 720p 24fps ?

  60. olav 12 years ago

    hello, yesterday i got my blackmagic intensity pro in the mail, and it doesent work. i have tried everything with different devices, hdmi and component. i tryed to get it to work in about 7 hours and havent managed it to work. could you replace it?

    • guy 12 years ago

      Hi Olav,

      Please visit the Blackmagic designs site and click on support Just double check that you have the latest drivers and that your system is compatible. If it is indeed the card, please feel free to ship it back to us with a copy of this message and we’ll exchange your card for a tested model to make sure that it is working correctly. We sell a lot of these cards and its very rare to find one that does not work. We want to make sure that you’re happy with your card so also feel free to call us 1-877-353-8077

      Guy Cochran
      DVeStore, Inc.

  61. Michel 12 years ago

    Since last week I have an Intensity Pro card installed and the software. Before the card my workflow was:
    1. Filming with Canon XHA1 25p
    2. Capturing with FW in FCP (setup: ProRes 720p, not the HQ just the standard prores)
    3. edit etc.

    BUT: after installing the Card I cannot capture anymore (“there is no device”) and I cannot choose my prores 72p in the videosettings in FCP anymore. In the list there are added a list of setups starting with Black Magic… due to the installation. But I’ve lost my apple prores setups!! And they aren’t in the list anymore to make your own setup. So whats happened.

    Black magic should not mess around with any program. But it seems to me that that’s what BM is doing.

    How can I get my prores back? Because now I cannot ad more clips to my project anymore. Please help.

    At this moment I just want to use the card to see my film during the edit on a flatscreen. Not capturing.

    Regards Michel

  62. Jeff Dillon 12 years ago

    I have a Canon XHA1. If I want to do greenscreen work direct from my camera, will the component out to the Black Magic Intensity Pro card provide better quality than via M2T files in post? I guess a more basic question is, will the card allow me to capture at better quality than to tape? Does the A1 component out bypass the HDV compression? Even for doing weddings, I wouldn’t mind having the tower pc in the field if the result is a better quality capture.

    Thanks, Jeff

  63. Filip Ryberg 12 years ago

    Is this used or is it completely new?


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