Bracket 1

Bracket 1

Bracket 1 –

A Versatile Bracket System for your Video Camera Accessories
The Professional Solution for mounting Wireless Receivers and Hard Disk Recorders to your camcorder

-tripod mounted or hand held your wireless receivers or hard disk recorder stays securely attached to the camera

-convenient positioning for mounting accessories without blocking camera controls or impeding use

-4 models and multiple configurations fit most any small camcorder

-attaches to existing tripod receiver holes without sacrificing tripod mounting capability

-super light: Made from high strength aluminum with stainless-steel threaded inserts

adapter boxes & plates to further protect and simplify attaching your wireless receivers and accessories


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Bracket 1 HD


Specially designed for the new, wider body high definition cameras, our newest design locates your wireless receiver in the middle of the right side of the camera, for perfect balance when shooting handheld. Constructed from ultra-light, high strength aluminum, this versatile bracket can be configured with an additional cold shoe and/or an “Over Camera Plate”, allowing multiple wireless receivers, a hard disk recorder, and other accessories to be mounted simultaneously!
Designed for:

    • Sony HVR-Z1U, HVR-V1U, HDR-FX1, pd 150, pd 170 and vx series
    • Panasonic AG-HVX200 and AG-DVX100 (DVX100 may need short XLR end)
    • Canon GL1 & GL2, XH A1, and XH G1,
      and most other small camcorders

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Bracket 1 mini

Our newest design for the latest group of mini pro camera such as the popular Canon HV-20. All the features of the bracket 1a HD in a smaller package!
Designed for:

    • Canon HV-20
    • SSony HVR-A1-U, HDR-SR1, HDR-HC7, PDX-10, PD-100
    • Panasonic HSC1, and all other mini camcorders

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Bracket 1a


The original! Locates your wireless receiver on the right side of the camera, close to the front. Excellent for tripod mounted shooting. Good hand held with the lighter receivers. Constructed from ultra-light aluminum, bracket 1a weighs only 9 oz.
Designed for:

    • Sony pd 150, pd 170, and vx series
    • Panasonic AG-DVX100
    • Canon GL1 & GL2, and most other small camcorders
    • May also be used with Sony HVR-Z1U, HVR-V1U, HVR-A1U, Panasonic AG-HVX200, Canon XH A1, and XH G1

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Bracket 1c


Just like the Bracket 1a but slightly longer, to fit the Canon XL series and some JVC cameras.
Designed for:

    • Canon XL H1, XL2, XL1s, and XL1
    • JVC GY-HD100, HD110, HD200, and HD250
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Cold Shoe 1


Cold Shoe screws to newer bracket systems to add an additional cold shoe to vertical surface of Bracket 1 HD and Bracket 1 mini or horizontal surface of Over camera Plate and Position Plate. Cold Shoe can be mounted on vertical surface facing up or forward and on horizontal surface facing forward or back.
For Use With: Bracket 1 HD, Bracket 1 mini, Over Camera Plate and Position Plate

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EW Clip

Used for mounting Sennheiser Evolution series EW-100 / 500 directly to Bracket 1 (fits G1 and G2). Receiver’s spring clip slides over EW Clip locking receiver in place. Second receiver can be mounted with 1/4-20 screw (included – see “mounting instructions”) or by adding an additional cold shoe.

For use with: Bracket 1 HD, Bracket 1mini, Bracket 1a, Bracket 1c, Position Plate

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Quick Plate

Universal accessory mounting adapter. A low cost solution for attaching your wireless receiver, hard disk recorder, or other audio accessories to the Bracket 1 bracket system or any camera with the industry standard mounting pattern. Quick Plate firmly holds the receiver against rubber pads using a Velcro type strap. Two Quick Plates can be mounted back to back on Bracket 1 HD, Bracket 1mini, and Position Plate to hold 2 wireless receivers or one receiver and one hard disk recorder.
For mounting: Most all wireless receivers and hard disk recorders including Panasonic Citidisk, Sony HVR-DR60, Firestore, and Nnovia. To mount the Firestore and Nnovia, please add the appropriate “longer velcro strap” as shown below.For use with: Bracket 1 HD, Bracket 1mini, Bracket 1a, Bracket 1c, Position Plate, Over Camera Plate

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Over Camera Cold Shoe


Angled bracket with Cold Shoe attached, screws to Bracket systems to add an additional cold shoe over the top of the camera. Can be mounted in numerous positions. See “mounting instructions” for placement.
For use with: Bracket 1 HD, Bracket 1mini, Bracket 1a, Bracket 1c

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