Can’t afford lights? Use an IKEA trash can!

Can’t afford lights?

Use an IKEA trash can!


Sometimes we don’t have the budget to get the $6,000 HMI PAR light we know our project deserves. But with a little ingenuity and knowledge of how light works, we can create shockingly effective DIY light sources with a quick trip to Home Depot. David F. Sandberg created the brilliant DIY lighting setup you see above with an IKEA trash can and a bulb you can get at any hardware store. Here’s a snippet from nofilmschool:

“The IKEA trashcan lined with tinfoil is a concept that mirrors how a traditional beauty dish functions in that it provides a relatively soft and uniform light that falls off quickly. When combined with purposeful underexposure, this single light source allowed Sandberg to easily create the enveloping sense of darkness behind the dreaming character. To take the concept of the IKEA trash can light even further, you could use a modified version of the contraption with diffusion (or other gels) taped to the mouth of the trashcan to create beautiful, soft light for character closeups, as an eyelight, or even as a background light for moody, atmospheric ambient light. The possibilities are endless.”

And here’s a fantastic behind the scenes look at how he pulled this off:

via FStoppersnofilmschool, and David F. Sandberg