Celtx software for film and video producers

Celtx software for film and video producers

Celtx is the first comprehensive software package designed for people who work in the Pre-Production of Film, TV, Theatre and New Media. It provides all of the tools you need under one application and works on all platforms.

Story Development Tools
Celtx includes Scene and Character Development tools that help spur creativity. Use the customizable forms to build out the story line of your project. Any information will be added to your project database and automatically pre-populate your script and reports.

Professional Script Writing
Import, write and edit movie scripts using industry standard formatting. Celtx uses intuitive writing and all the features expected in a professional application – like Spellchecking, Find and Replace, and auto completion of Character Names and Scene Headings.

Project Schedule
Keep track of all your project dates in a shareable calendar.

Media Rich Breakdowns
Celtx is the first application that allows creative people to perform media rich breakdowns in order to help pre-visualize and plan their project. Users can complete media rich breakdowns by associating sound files, video clips and digital pictures to their script all of which is auto-saved in a shareable database.

Customized Production Reports
Generate customizable Production Reports to help plan and organize your film project.

Collaborate with team members by securely sharing your project using the built in Celtx server.

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