Countryman B6 lavalier

Countryman B6 lavalier

Countryman B6 lavalier

Only one tenth of an inch in diameter, the B6 is the smallest lavalier in the world and outperforms microphones many times its size.

The changeable protective caps provide moisture resistance and color options and let you shape the frequency response for different situations or to match other microphones.

The B6 lavalier microphone is outfitted with specified connector and supplied with a windscreen, set of three protective caps, set of two tie clips (black and white), and carrying case.


  • All-purpose, rugged, affordable lavalier that is easy to hide
  • Easily hidden in hair/costumes or glued on performers’ faces in film, theater and broadcast
  • Also suited for news anchors, interviews, lecturers, churches, schools and general lavalier applications


  • Low distortion at SPL up to 150dB on 48V Phantom Power
  • Field-selectable HF response caps
  • Kevlar cable and ultra-thin diaphragm combine to set a new standard for low handling noise
  • Highest-quality audio available in a lavalier mic
  • Excellent rejection of surrounding noise

Style & Comfort

  • Smaller than the cable of other lavaliers at only .1″ (2.5mm) diameter
  • Comes is six colors to blend with clothing and skin tones.
  • Easily hides in plain sight by swapping colored caps to match button hole, sweater weave or skin tone. Use a felt-tip marker to color the white caps to get an exceptional match.


  • Built to withstand perspiration and makeup, for use in hair or on the body
  • Protective cap is easily removed for cleaning or replacement when clogged with makeup
  • Kevlar-reinforced cable withstands punishment

Countryman B6 for Sennheiser Evolution G2
Availability: Usually ships same/next business day
Price: $319.00


Countryman B6 through the Sennheiser Evolution G2 wireless. Recorded straight from receiver into camera. Windy day with 10-20MPH gusts. No EQ or post processing. Audio is 320kbps 48khz. Included Foam windscreen in use. Included +4 dB protective cap fitted to the mic.


  1. Martin Weiss 15 years ago

    Wow – amazing. How small. gotta get one of those.

    Lovely, that you guys included a test recording. Thanks.

  2. Garsa 15 years ago

    good work Guy, but where is the mic

  3. guy 15 years ago

    Thanks. Mic is located on the chest. Mid sternum.

  4. wojtek 15 years ago

    Is the B6 compatible with a beachtek DYA4r connected to cannnon gl2

  5. guy 15 years ago

    The Countryman B6 we sell is terminated via 1/8″ miniplug for the Sennheiser Evolution G2 wireless. It would need power which the BeachTek DXA4 does not supply. You would probably want to go wireless, or get the BeachTek DXA6 and the Countryman B6 terminated with XLR.

  6. Sue 15 years ago

    how about the guitar? is that the lavalier also?? one lavalier picking up guitar and vocal? direct into the camera??? what exactly is used in this video…

    thx … this sounded incredible…

  7. Guy 15 years ago

    Yes, that is all from just one mic. The guitar and the vocals from only the Countryman lav.

  8. Joe 14 years ago

    Which one would your recommend and why, the B6 or the (countryman) EMW ?

    Also, if the mic is attached to the sternum, do you think it would get a lot of noise from the clothing if she stands and walks around?

  9. Guy 14 years ago

    The B6 is way smaller and can be placed in the open on wide/med shots without being seen. The EMW is less expensive and physically larger. It’s meant to be hidden, placed under clothes with its flat design. If you place under clothes, you’d want to wrap with mole skin or use a Rycote undercover. The B6 can be left in plain sight, right in the open because it is so small, unless it’s a windy day, in which case you would want to put on a Rycote windjammer.

  10. Steve O'Neill 14 years ago

    The B6 sounds great Guy! Was this recorded using the 0, -10 or -20 sensitivity? Which would you recommend for a general use? We typically record TV commercials indoors and outdoors as well as interviews for corporate marketing. Or is the sensitiviy controlled with the caps? Also, what is the difference between the B3 and the B6? By the way nice job on the video/sound and the talent was great as well!

  11. Dago 14 years ago

    Hi Guy. I amaze about the mic but please explain ( like If i was from Mars ) what do I excaly need to have this audio quality .

    I shoot Fishig Videos on really windy days and we have even to cancel the filming cause we know we are going to have bad audio ( The cost of your product can help me to avoid cost on trips where I cant film )

    I using a GL2 and JVC Everio HiDef with HardDisk. I will love to have the rigth equipment to use in both cams

  12. Mfon 13 years ago

    Can the countryman lavelier B6 work with my equipment Sabine SWM7000 Series 2.4GHz Smart Spectrum Wireless Microphone System – Single Lapel Microphone has future safe 2.4GHz operating frequency!

  13. David B 13 years ago

    So who is this singing..?

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