Creating MP4 recipes with DV Kitchen

Creating MP4 recipes with DV Kitchen

Back in the day, web video was Quicktime. Then it was Quicktime, Windows Media, and Real. Then Flash entered the scene.

Then, sanity took hold, and the internet gravitated towards a standard for video:

  • H.264 encoded video
  • AAC audio
  • MP4 “wrapper”

There are billions of devices, from desktop computers and browsers to tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and set top boxes that have hardware H.264 acceleration, and with a few quirks, they will all play an MP4 file with H.264 & AAC.

So there are two ways you can create this file with DV Kitchen:

  1. encode a QuickSpecs movie, then change the extension to “.mp4”
    This will work almost all the time, but some Android devices will not be able to play this file
  2. create your own MP4 recipe

Here’s how you¬†create your own MP4 recipe:

1. Click the green “+” and choose “mp4” from the menu



2, Now set up the video like this. Note that you will need to choose “MP4” for File Format before you’ll be able to select “H.264” for the video encoder.


“Optimized for Download” lets the encoder vary the bit rate to accommodate sections with higher or lower motion to achieve overall better quality.


3. Click “Video Options” and set it up like this:


4. Set up the audio like this:


Now save, and call it “DVK-1200” (or something so you can see at a glance it’s set to about 1200 kbps bitrate for video).

Close that recipe, and make a few variations at 800, 1000, 1800, and so on, so you have several recipies you can try out in SampleLab to see which will be the best for each clip.

You’ve just modernized QuickSpecs! Great job!

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