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 Encoding and publishing just got tasty.

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Everything you need, all in one kitchen.

DV Kitchen combines an array of powerful, professional media publishing features into one easy-to-use, elegant, streamlined software program:

 Spectacular quality video encoding.

DV Kitchen encodes stunning quality video to the award-winning x264 codec, Flash FLV, Windows Media and dozens of other formats.

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SampleLab™ is a brilliantly-designed, easy-to-use software environment that helps you rapidly zero in on the perfect encoding settings for your movie.

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TimeFreezer™ is an environment for choosing, encoding, deinterlacing, and uploading still frames that will revolutionize the way you think about still photography.

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 Bitrate Budget Calculator

The Bitrate Budget Calculator will tell you, for your particular situation, what bitrate value to stay under so your masterpiece starts playing just moments after your viewers click on the link.

 Integrated uploading

DV Kitchen includes integrated automatic FTP uploading of your encoded video, images and audio to your web server, including a sweet remote folder browser with the ability to easily create new folders and even delete files.

 Media Publishing

DV Kitchen’s newly revamped Media Publishing room offers dozens of awesome options for publishing your movie on the web with a few clicks featuring presentation technology that will knock your viewer’s socks off.

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 Still images too

DV Kitchen will resize images, encode them to jpeg (or several other formats), upload them to your web server, then write image embed tags for you in HTML or forum post formats.

 Audio encoding and publishing

Need to publish or transcode music, podcasts, VO or any other audio? No problem.

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Download a free trial!

Use code: code: kitchen_trial

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