Your old encoding software just went obsolete. Sorry about that.

Spectacular quality video encoding

The most exciting codec, especially for web video, is H.264, which can now play in a Flash player in a browser on a computer without Quicktime installed.

When you first launch DV Kitchen, we help you install a special, very high quality H.264 codec.

There are many H.264 codecs, from Apple and many other companies, as well as open source codecs. In our experiments, we have found one codec, called x264, if properly programmed, to deliver superior results to any other H.264 codec we’ve tested. Others have confirmed our results, such as the codec shootouts by doom9.org and compression.ru.

“x264… managed to tie with Ateme’s encoder on two occasions, and surpassing its most fierce competitor in SPR. It is thus our new winner.”

(Notice Apple’s H.264 codec, or most other codecs for that matter, don’t even make it past the qualification round.)

Imagine stunning, eye-popping, crisp and clear 720p HD video that starts playing within moments after the user clicks the play button, and makes most other web video, not to mention satellite and cable TV feeds, look like crap by comparison.

That’s what DV Kitchen was born to do.

The clips below were encoded with DV Kitchen with the x264 codec.

Sample 1: 960×540, 1200kbps

Sample 2: 1280×720, 1800kbps

Wow! Look at the clarity and detail! You can now deliver HD video on demand to businesses or households with better quality than cable or satellite TV channels still stuck in the old MPEG2 standard. That’s what we’re excited about!

Click here for another sample of DV Kitchen-encoded video.(And that footage was shot with a camera that sells for under $700!)

Compare the clarity, quality, color and huge frame size to the small, crappy-looking video you see elsewhere.

Here’s a sample of DV Kitchen-encoded video with an even less expensive camera.

Here are a few samples of DV Kitchen-encoded video shot with the XH H1 & XH A1. (Try the “720p” links.)

The dream of delivering beautiful quality, 720P HD over the internet on demand is now a reality.

DV Kitchen is the only solution on the market that provides you with both the tools and the knowledge to create spectacular quality HD video for internet delivery.

I have to say that this is the first time I’ve been able to get a WMV that looks decent. I’d been using some software that cost twice as much and never got any WMV looking as good as DVKitchen gives me with less effort and time. It’s the best 79 bucks I’ve spent. — Bill P, DV Kitchen user

Order from the Video Recipe Menu with one click.

Most encoding programs seem to like making you click and click through nested folders in folders in folders to assign a preset to a clip for some reason. (Maybe their Mom didn’t love them?)

In DV Kitchen, just click the video recipe menu to instantly assign encoding recipes for iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, and any of your saved recipes.

QuickSpecs™ makes it easy.

QuickSpecs™ makes setting up high quality encoding as simple as four clicks. Choose from the amazing x264 codec, Flash FLV, or Windows media formats, choose any frame size and a bitrate, click GO and you’re done.

Create your own recipe from scratch, then tweak it at any time.

If QuickSpecs isn’t enough, then create your own recipe with access to over 77 formats and control over hundreds of parameters.

You can change brightness and contrast, saturation, and even add effects like old film scratches or sepia tone, thanks to the power of the Quicktime™ engine.

Save your recipe and call it up in the future with one click. Or, easily edit it, or tweak a setting and save a copy, anytime with one click.

DV Kitchen = video transcoding

DV Kitchen reads and encodes video to over 77 formats in sizes from tiny to full 1920 X 1080.

Have you ever tried to bring different formats of video into your editing app to find they need constant rendering, lose audio/video sync, don’t play nicely with your other media, or don’t even import at all?

Use DV Kitchen to transcode all your footage to a standard format, like HDV, ProRes422, or DV, before importing into your editing application.

You’ll never run out of uses for DV Kitchen’s comprehensive and powerful batch encoding functions.

Here’s a list of codecs.

Batch still image encoding.

With DV Kitchen, there’s no need to go into Photoshop, Fireworks, iPhoto or other complicated programs to publish still images.

Just drag a bunch of photos into DV Kitchen and let it resize and encode the images, upload them to a folder on your web server, and even write the HTML or forum embed tags for you while you work on something more fun.

Hear no evil.

DV Kitchen also works its magic with audio files.

You can encode audio speech or music files to high quality AAC audio files for your podcast, the same format used by iTunes™ music.

Or, convert MP3s, AAC files or audio from CDs into 48 KHz uncompressed audio for pop-free, click-free, render-free editing.

Or, transcode audio to WAV, Apple Lossless, or several other codecs.

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