jOver the last 12 years, I personally, or through my company, DVcreators.net, have trained most broadcast stations, Fortune 1000 companies and major universities, as well as tens of thousands of other organizations and people to encode and publish video on the web.

But I’ve never been happy with the software tools that were available. I’ve tried them all. I finally got sick and tired of all the problems, the bugs, slow, clumsy workflows, missing features, and poor quality.

So we created DV Kitchen. We made it work exactly the way I wanted a web video publishing app to work. We love it and use it all day long.

Now, it’s yours, too!

I want DV Kitchen to work as perfectly for you as it does for me, so try it out for free for 20 days and let us know if there’s any feature you need added, or if you find anything that doesn’t blow away the old way you were publishing web video. Post on our forums or email me directly, and we will do our best to get it done. If you know DVcreators.net, you know we don’t do anything unless we’re committed to being the best in the world at it.

Download the free trial by clicking the big blue button in the sidebar and see if you find it as perfect as we do.


Shouldn’t this FAQ have more questions?

Seems like it. Why don’t you ask a few by posting in our forums, and we’ll add yours. I bet they’re good ones!

Can I install on my desktop and laptop?

Sure! Just download the trial, then click the “SIGN IN” button and put in the same email address you used to register the first time. No muss, no fuss!

What is the best way to export a movie from Final Cut Pro/Express or other apps to to bring into DV Kitchen?

The entire step-by-step process is here:


What are the big improvements from dvcCast!?

There are tons of things… people gave us excellent suggestions, many of which we have incorporated, along with our wish list, and there’s plenty more to keep us busy for a while!

Here are just a few of the new improvements in DV Kitchen:

  1. The ability to easily tweak a recipe – jump into something you’ve already programmed, and just change one thing and save it. Or, by giving it a different name, you can easily make a copy of an existing recipe with just a few changes.
  2. SampleLab has been completely revamped:
    – Instead of side-by-side comparison, it now uses superior “in-place” comparison so you can focus on the changes in one important area and switch between samples with your number keys. Brilliant!
    – Also, you can test any of your recipes, not just QuickSpecs, in SampleLab
    – You can create and tweak recipes right within SampleLab.
    This is now one of the coolest software environments for video professionals ever created.
  3. The x264 codec is amazing!
  4. Ability to name exported still frames right within TimeFreezer.
  5. The publishing room (formerly “embed tags”) now does code for Quicktime movies with poster frames, and now includes support for Jeroen’s Flash Player, the most popular Flash player on the net, as well as the awesome “shadowbox” effect.
  6. Flash FLV and Windows Media Video format encoding will be good for some folks with old-fashioned clients 😉
  7. Watermarking for movies

I own dvcCast! How do I transfer over my FTP locations and presets?

After you’ve launched DV Kitchen and it has fully downloaded:

  1. Go to your main hard drive
  2. Open Library/Application Support/DVcreators/dvcCast
  3. Open Library/Application Support/DVcreators/dvKitchen
  4. Move (or copy) the file called “ftpData” from the dvcCast folder to the dvKitchen folder

Now the FTP data is copied.

Now let’s copy your custom presets (now called “recipes”).

  1. Open Library/Application Support/DVcreators/dvcCast/presets.
  2. Open Library/Application Support/DVcreators/dvKitchen/recipes
  3. Move (or copy) all your favorite presets from the “presets” folder to the “recipes” folder (disregard the fact their names are “funny” in the Finder)

Download a free, full-featured trial!

1) click below to download and install the program
2) click “Register Trial”
3) enter in your email address
4) enter in the activation code: kitchen_trial


DV Kitchen has an amazingly simple user interface, considering how much it does . . . DV Kitchen is really a must-have tool. — Allan Tepper, ProVideo Coalition

What is DV Kitchen used for?


DV Kitchen’s focus is publishing broadcast quality, internet-friendly-bandwidth video from your finished edit.

The primary delivery contexts for this video are:

  • video embedded in web pages
  • larger video windows that pop up from web links
  • immersive, full screen video for an “internet TV” experience, either from from Flash’s fullscreen hardware acceleration or from fullscreen Quicktime movies
  • video podcasts, featuring HD podcasts
  • video in presentations made in Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.
  • video for training or marketing distributed on LANs, DVD-R or CD-R


  • audio podcasts
  • high quality AAC music for sale or free download
  • audio links on web pages


  • still frames from video (in TimeFreezer™)
  • photos from a digital still camera
  • graphics from any software, flowcharts, graphs, diagrams, etc.

for: web pages, Powerpoint/Keynote/Word docs, PDFs, disc-based multimedia

I have 5,000 ideas.

This app is awesome, it helps me tremendously, and I’m so excited about it I have about 5,000 ideas and feature requests.

Great! Post them in the DV Kitchen forum and we will get to work!

Who is DV Kitchen for?

Anyone wanting to publish broadcast-quality video, images and audio for delivery over IP, networks, or disc:

  • video production companies
  • video departments of organizations of any size
  • broadcast channels & local TV stations
  • marketing & training professionals
  • web developers
  • churches and synagogues
  • non-profits
  • government
  • scientific organizations
  • educators & students
  • distance learning content creators
  • industrial/medical/political communications
DV Kitchen is the way to go. We use it to solve a multitude of publishing & output challenges. From the beauty and ease of QuickSpecs to TimeFreezer, to the always reliable Bitrate Budget Calculator, this is a treat to use. DVcreators nailed this one! — Paul H., DV Kitchen customer

How about hosting?

DV Kitchen is an important puzzle piece, but where can I find hosting with sufficient storage and bandwidth for a digital-video-heavy site?

We have a consulting division that has helped many companies, large and small, with deploying video solutions.

Change History

2.0.3 – released 04/07/09

  • fixed bug so FTP destinations are refreshed in Publish Room
  • fixed copy and paste bug in html code field when embedding Jeroen’s Flash Player
2.0.2 – released 03/10/09

  • added drag and drop ability to TimeFreezer
  • fixed exporting bug in TimeFreezer
2.0.1 – released 03/04/09

  • fixed Shadowbox feature with Flash movies
2.0 – released 02/18/09

  • completely redesigned and rebuilt the Publish Room and added more custom options
  • included support for player skins, poster images and watermarking in Jeroen’s Flash Player
  • added ability to select custom poster frames for QT embeds
  • added ability to preview clips on remote FTP servers
  • automatically detect if clips are anamorphic
  • added ability to apply watermark to all clips in the Media List
1.3.2 – released 12/16/08

  • added ability to create mp4 recipes
1.3.1 – released 11/20/08

  • fixed frame size issue in SampleLab
  • fixed file naming issue with long file names
  • revised registration and purchasing
1.3 – released 11/06/08

  • revised FTP set-up to accommodate for different FTP servers
  • changed preferences to allow DV Kitchen to fix encode settings issues
  • added SampleLab full-screen preference
  • updated manual
1.2.5 – released 09/30/08

  • added watermarking option (not available when encoding to Flash or WMV)
  • ability to save QuickSpecs settings
  • fixed uploading issues
  • adjusted SampleLab to fix known bugs
  • XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD422 clips are incompatible with Flash or WMV encode settings
  • fixed encoding to Flash and WMV
  • added shadowbox template to Media Publishing
1.1.23 – released 09/16/08

  • fixed Publish bug with uploaded WMV clips
1.1.21 – released 09/16/08

  • fixed blend deinterlacing in TimeFreezer
  • add in/out markers in SampleLab
  • disable copy auxiliary tracks option for Flash or WMV encode settings
1.1 – released 07/18/08

  • changed to DV Kitchen (discontinued dvcCast!)
  • new interface
  • improved encoding engine using H.264
  • added Flash and Windows Media Video encoding capability
  • improved SampleLab
  • added ability to edit custom recipes
1.0.178 – released 05/01/08

  • AIC movies show and export correctly in TimeFreezer
  • open export folder button in encode panel
  • fixed HTML page generation with “do not encode” movie uploads
  • various FTP fixes/improvements
  • can paste password into remote destination password field
  • chapter copying fixes
  • favorite image width & image export format are now remembered from launch to launch
  • clips with no extension now renamed correctly
1.0.177 – released 04/22/08

  • AIC HDV res files now correctly recognized as 16:9
  • iPod, iPhone, AppleTV presets can have chapter tracks
1.0.176 – released 04/17/08

  • made FTP window resizeable
  • added up one folder button
  • added file icons to FTP window, changed folder icons
  • changed make new folder code
  • changed delete new folder code
  • updated FTP code to deal with usernames containing “@”
  • rewrote all FTP browser code
  • added “veil” to main window
1.0.175 – released 04/17/08

  • ability to copy chapter, timecode tracks to encoded movie
  • status log resizeable
1.0.174 – released 04/15/08

  • ability to generate complete HTML page with title, movies and captions


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