Media Publishing

It’s past your embed time.

Publish or perish.

DV Kitchen has a brand new Media Publishing room in version 2.0., with video publishing features you won’t find in any other software program on Earth.

You could spend hundreds more on other encoding programs but you won’t find these immensely valuable features anywhere else.

Once you’ve encoded a batch of clips, the Media Publishing room will generate HTML code for embedding your movies or images in a web page, blog, or CMS. No matter how you build your website, DV Kitchen will save you tons of time.

Watch the movie, it will blow you away!

Auto-generate HTML code for published movies

DV Kitchen will auto-generate HTML code snippets so you can simply copy and paste the code from DV Kitchen into your existing web pages to embed movies in a variety of player styles, from corporate to wacky.

Or, DV Kitchen will generate and upload complete HTML web pages you can use for client review, demo reels, and more!

Publish movies already on your server

As you look at these amazing web video publishing options, you’re bound to think, “Hmmm, I’ve already encoded and uploaded movies to web servers for years, wouldn’t it be great if I could republish them using some of these cool new players!”

Well, now you can!

We’ve also added the revolutionary ability to choose a movie from your remote server with a remote media file browser including preview!


movies: Quicktime embed

Select this option to embed your Quicktime movies into a webpage using the regular Quicktime player. They will start buffering immediately, and if set to autoplay, will start playing after buffering enough video to ensure uninterrupted playback.


This is the best option if you want to start the video playing automatically every time someone views your webpage.

movies: Quicktime default poster frame

This option will display your Quicktime movies on your webpage with a default poster frame image. The default image is automatically set to a play button image, but can be easily replaced with your own custom image.

Thanks to the built-in FTP client, DV Kitchen doesn’t have to stop after encoding your video. — Allan Tepper, ProVideo Coalition

movies: Quicktime custom poster frame

With this option, you can choose any frame from each movie to appear as your “poster frame”.

movies: Jeroen’s Flash Player

Select this option to embed your Flash FLV or Quicktime H.264 movies into Jeroen Wijering’s Flash player*. You can customize your player by selecting one of the available skins, adding a poster frame or watermark and other options.

movies: ShadowBox

Select this option to generate a link to your Flash FLV or Quicktime H.264 movies using a cool effect called “Shadowbox”.

When the link (or image) is clicked, it “veils” your web page like dimming the lights in a theatre, then opens a window with a cool animation and plays your movie.

Click here to see a demo of shadowbox

images: HTML embed code

This option will generate HTML code snippets for embedding your uploaded images into a web page or blog post.

images: forum embed code

This option will generate code snippets for embedding your uploaded images into a forum post.

Simply highlight what you need, copy, and paste!

copy URLs

Choosing this option will copy the final URLs and names of the uploaded clips from the Main Console to your clipboard, ready for pasting where you need them.

We take requests.

Is there a certain type of video publishing option we didn’t include? Let us know what it is, we may add it to the list!

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* use of Jeroen’s Flash Player or ShadowBox on a commercial site requires purchase


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