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Still photography, moving subjects?

Taking still photos is a hit or miss proposition. The problem with taking quality still photographs of moving people or scenes is that it is extremely rare to capture just the right instant in time.

Usually, the still photographer snaps a picture a little too soon or a little too late to capture the true moment. That’s why quality still photos are rare (except for studio photography, where a photographer with a motor drive snaps hundreds of very similar photos so that they might find a great one among them).

Back in the era of standard definition, video camcorders didn’t have sufficient resolution for still photography (not to mention being too big and cumbersome to carry).

Still photography revolutionized.

Today’s ultra-tiny HD camcorders capture video in which single frames have plenty of resolution for still photographs, for most any purpose short of large posters or demanding print work. And they capture 24 – 30 pictures every second, so it is almost impossible to miss the perfect picture out of a span of several seconds.

But who wants to go through hundreds of frames to find just the right one? With TimeFreezer™, it’s easy.

No other program on the planet has all of these time-saving features. — Allan Tepper, ProVideo Coalition

TimeFreezer™ makes still frames a snap.

TimeFreezer™ is designed expressly for exporting high quality still frames of video, and makes scrubbing through video and finding precisely the right frame, and publishing the photos on a website, ridiculously easy, efficient and fun.

In TimeFreezer™, you can choose a few still frames from a video and publish them to the world in a minute or two.

Timefreezer… is another simple, effective and welcome tool. – MacUser UK review

Control the flow of time.

With TimeFreezer™, you now have unprecedented control over your subjects and the very flow of time itself no other photographer has ever had. You can freeze someone in motion – even in midair – while you assess the picture. You can make time go backwards so people make the exact face or pose they made a few seconds ago that you missed the first time.

You will capture spontaneous moments and poses no still photographer would ever catch, except by pure chance. With a small, high quality HD video camcorder and TimeFreezer™, the quality of your still photographs from any event or scene will be vastly better than ever before.

Picture perfect frame grabs.

Many applications let you export still frames, but the process is so unwieldy hardly anyone does it unless they have to. And the quality of the still photos from some editing software can be quite poor.

The still frames you get from TimeFreezer™ are picture perfect. And forget the ugly jaggies and “mice teeth” you get with stills from interlaced video – TimeFreezer™ gives you two options for deinterlacing so you get crisp, clean, high quality still frames.

Whether you are a news photographer, production company, web developer, media professional or blogger, a small HD camcorder + TimeFreezer™ is the perfect combination for:

  • websites & blogs
  • PowerPoint & Keynote presentations
  • PDFs
  • menus
  • training intranet content
  • marketing brochures
  • printed brochures, postcards, business cards or signs

The only places where a digital still camera would be preferable would be:

  • dimly lit scenes (because of the flash)
  • stills for larger format printing

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