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DV Enlightenment



The DV Enlightenment course is a brilliant and highly enlightening tutorial in Hollywood lighting for digital video for anyone wanting to shoot stunningly beautiful, cinematic quality footage—for filmmaking, marketing projects, broadcast, special interest video, education or any other purpose.

 DV Enlightenment Course Overview

 DV Enlightenment Course Intro

 DV Enlightenment Hard Light/Soft Light Excerpt

 DV Enlightenment Outdoor Lighting Excerpt

 DV Enlightenment Greenscreen Lighting Excerpt

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Light Properties

understanding light and shadow • hard & soft light • color temperature • light direction • motivated lighting

Lighting Gear

soft boxes • umbrellas • gels • reflectors • flags • black wrap • cookies

The DVcreators.net Four Point Lighting Method

A brilliant, comprehensive lighting method for getting gorgeous looking footage in any location for any mood • key light options • fill & ambient light • lighting ratio • backlight, rimlight & kickers • background lighting • high key & low key lighting

Working with Sunlight

the Hollywood secret to shooting beautiful footage outdoors • positioning camera, subject & sun • shooting interiors with daylight • diffusers • magic hour

Lighting Greenscreen

top secret DVcreators.net method for evenly lighting chromakey backgrounds

White Limbo

evenly lighting white backgrounds and a secret keying technique

Black Limbo

how to “drop out” a dark background

Bright Ideas

a series of illuminating tips and tricks for getting cinematic looks in a variety of situations • lighting special effects • using practicals • accent lighting • candlelight • TV & computer light • the killer single light technique • fog

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  1. I watched it four times, and each time I retained something new. That says something to me; it says that the DVD is worth owning, and I do recommend it.

  2. Over the years I have worked with a number of tutorials from DVcreators.net and have always felt that the production values of their products are excellent, this DV Enlightenment tutorial is true to form. I found this tutorial to be exceptional. It explains and demonstrates the different components of lighting and does so in a clear and interesting manner, it makes professional lighting seem intuitive (which it really is once you have understanding). There are reasons that this tutorial works so well… …This DV Enlightenment tutorial from DVcreators.net is one of the best I have ever seen.

  3. DV Enlightenment has really impressed me. The quality and content both complement one another in a way that keeps the viewer engrossed. I give DV Enlightenment a Strong Buy Recommendation.

  4. DV Enlightenment makes you think about light and how it affects what you shoot… There is a logical progression to understanding DV lighting and this video follows it to the tee… This video covers a diverse spectrum of lighting situations ranging from small interior locations to outside shoots in ever changing sunlight… This video makes excellent use of examples. As the crew sets up and plays "what if" with lighting placement, we are able to see the results, as it happens… The production quality of this video was excellent. This DVD will be a huge help to experienced DPs, TV stations and video departments to quickly bring interns and assistants up to speed on lighting gear, theory and practice.

  5. Dave E. 16 years ago

    I’ve been in the business for 15 years and DV Enlightenment was was one of the most informative and well produced training films I’ve seen. I’ve been trained by professionals in lighting, but DV Enlightenment was a great refresher course. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to brushing up on my other production skills with your training products.

  6. Erik Boone 16 years ago

    This looks like an awesome training video. I wish you guys accepted paypal. I would definetly buy it!


  7. Josh 15 years ago

    I bought this DVD a couple of years ago at NAB and it has been a great guide to go to when I have a difficult lighting job. It is worth owning.

  8. Elijah Lynn 14 years ago

    I just ordered this and can’t wait to watch it. I watched all the sample videos and was very impressed by the quality of the sample videos and I LOVED the tip about zebras and the greenscreen they gave!!!

    I was also very impressed by the sound of the demo videos.

  9. Anubhav 14 years ago

    I have been a director cinematographer for many years now. Have been to film school in europe. This is a great course in the fundamentals of lighting. The makers have a commitment to imparting quality knowledge, which comes through. cheers!

  10. Lorenzo G. 13 years ago

    It’s really impressive and encouraging to see that this “thread” started in March of ’06 and now we are in June of ’09 and the comments are still coming. I’m a complete amateur working with MiniDV and I stumbled upon this site after Googling – “diffusion filter” editing film quality – Thanks guys, for such quality demos. Great job!!

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