DV Gear Talk

DV Gear Talk

DV Gear Talk was one of the world’s first video podcasts, hosted by Guy Cochran and DVeStore, the coolest place on the web to check out videos of awesome video production and post-production gear.

This podcast has been ranked as high as #12 of all podcasts worldwide!

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Lowel Rifa Light

FireStore FS-4 Direct to disk recorder


Steady Stick by Tiffen


Sennheiser Location Sound

Edirol Video Processor / DV Converter


Video Mixer / Switcher / Chroma keyer

Lowel Ego


Tiffen Diffusion Filters


RØDE Videomic


Sennheiser wireless G2 Tutorial


Beachtek XLR adapter


Litepanels LED lights


Shotgun Shootout

Indoor Microphones

HHB FlashMic

3-point Lighting with Lowel lights

RODE SVM Stereo VideoMic

SATA External Storage Soution


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