The Best Thing In The World Just Happened

The Best Thing In The World Just Happened


Yep, when you see the revolutionary breakthroughs we’ve made in web video publishing, I think you’ll agree it merits a full number upgrade.

We have completely redesigned and rebuilt the Publish Room so that you can:

  • publish simple Quicktime embedded movies or whole HTML pages
  • publish Quicktime embedded movies with default poster frame or whole HTML pages
  • publish Quicktime embedded movies with custom poster frames you choose
  • publish Quicktime H.264 or FLV in Jeroen’s Flash Player* with:
    • choice of custom skins*
    • custom poster frame
    • custom watermark
  • publish Quicktime H.264 or FLV in ShadowBox*
  • as well as publishing images and easily copying remote media file URLs.


As you look at these amazing web video publishing options, you’re bound to think, “Hmmm, I’ve already encoded and uploaded movies to web servers for years, wouldn’t it be great if I could republish them using some of these cool new players!”

Well, now you can!

We’ve also added the revolutionary ability to choose a movie from your remote server with a remote media file browser including preview!


You could spend hundreds on other encoding programs but you won’t find these immensely valuable features anywhere else.

We’ve also improved a few other things, the whole list is here.

The 2.0 upgrade is FREE. That’s right, FREE as in just click your “CHECK FOR UPDATES” button and DV Kitchen 2.0 is yours. People think we’re crazy to sell this enterprise-class professional media publishing powerhouse for $79.95, which is true, it should be at least $200 – $300. But we resisted raising the price for now, I think we can hold on just a little longer before it goes up, so if you haven’t purchased yet, now’s the time.

Learn more about DV Kitchen here.


* use of Jeroen’s Flash Player or ShadowBox on a commercial site requires purchase


  1. 14 years ago

    this seems like an awesome tool. congrats to guy and anybody else aligned with this product. peace in the middle east.

  2. The only feature that I can’t see which would be awesome for my purposes would be built-in Amazon S3 uploading, alongside FTP.

    Have you considered this? Is it on the roadmap?

    Aside from that, it looks awesome and I’m setting up the free trial now!!

    Well done.


    • Josh 14 years ago

      Hi Alister, we want S3 uploading, but this is the first customer request. Get your friends together and have them ask too and we will get on it!

      Further features are your wishes!

      • Ben Cummings 14 years ago

        Hi, I also would LOVE Amazon S3 ftp uploading for DV Kitchen. I’ve told numerous people about DV Kitchen but so many can’t use the FTP currently provided because we’re all using Amazon S3. So I would like to also make a formal request to add S3 ftp – pretty, pretty please:)

        Ben Cummings

  3. Kevin K 14 years ago

    VERY cool tool…great features…great function…great UI…just what I need (sort of). Now the “sort of” part…for those of us still using the “wrong side of our brains”…any plans for a Windows version?

    • Josh 14 years ago

      We originally planned on a Windows version… but every rev it gets further away 🙁

  4. Paul 14 years ago

    Is there a DVKitchen available for PCs?

    • Josh 14 years ago

      There isn’t. Sorry. I know of at least one company that bought a Mac Mini to use for a DV Kitchen encoding station- even with the Mini + DV Kitchen it’s still less money than some software by itself!

      • Paul 14 years ago

        Josh, can you email me?

  5. Paul 14 years ago


    I have been reading a lot on this site, which I have been visiting over the last few months. I am using Premiere Pro 1.5, but really like things I’ve seen with DV Kitchen. In your previous post to me you suggested a Mac Mini, so I visited my local Apple Store to find out more info about the Mini.

    I liked it, but I really out like some direction before laying out the cash for a MAC when I have always used a PC.

    One of the many reasons for DV Kitchen is a new client wanting a lot of web video.



    • Josh 13 years ago

      I think the Mac Mini with DV Kitchen would be an excellent encoding station.

      • Paul 13 years ago


        Done. I bought the Mini Mac a few weeks ago and then purchased DV Kitchen. Everything worked well, I did have an issue with DVK FTP and my existing FTP password. Once I spent some quality time with my hosting online chat we determined the password was the issue. It may have been the length of the existing password or DVK FTP didn’t like the required special characters? Don’t know, but have it fixed.

        Having fun learning MAC..

  6. Alberto 13 years ago

    cuestion, I have a camera Sony hvr-s270u it have a memory recording unit, and have mac wt finalcut wen import fron the memory card , iI need to render the audio all time for edit my clips is normal to do that.

  7. shuja 13 years ago

    green chroma pulgins with transitions..

  8. Scott 13 years ago

    Hi there I need some help. I can use DV-Kitchen just fine, but when I use quick settings on small MP4 files(14Mb) and publish it it works just fine. When I use a large file (189Mb) it processes the file just fine BUT I cannot get it to publish, it opens the webpage but not the .mov file. Any ideas?

  9. Matt 13 years ago

    Interesting product I may just take this for a test drive.

  10. Spencer Whiting 13 years ago

    Josh, Just wanted to let you know about a quest I have been on for the last 6 weeks or so. I am new to this web video thing and I discovered W3C Validation… Dreamweaver CS4 would not create a player that was compliant and it has been really bugging me… well I discovered that this little publishing feature of DVK creates compliant code and it is very, very easy.

    Thank you for your great program and I will let the world know. We should all be Mac’s anyway.


  11. brian anderson 13 years ago

    …how would DV Kitchen compare to Flip4Mac Pro which cost me $200? I’ve been interested in DV Kitchen for quite a while but of course do not want to spend any more on something I may not need(or do I). I’m FCP7 equipped. How does DV Kitchen compare to Flip4Mac which of course is a WMV converter. thanks Josh

    • Josh 13 years ago

      You can download the free trial to compare… I would say the biggest advantages are in upload and publishing of mp4 movies (as well as samplelab, timefreezer, etc.)

      Watch the movies in the DV Kitchen Theater for more info.

  12. Jason Ayers 12 years ago

    Has anyone else had issues getting H.264 MP4 files to play as quickly as H.264 FLV files? The FLV files seem to play right away, but the MP4 files seem to load the entire video before playing (when hosted on Amazon S3).

    • Josh 12 years ago

      You need to relocate the header movie atom at the beginning of the file- try opening the movie in QT player and Save As.

  13. Denny Rambo 12 years ago

    I’ve heard about this “header movie atom” thing before. Could you please discuss in more detail and exact steps to correct it. Seems like an extremely important little detail that is virtually unknown and/or discussed.

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