DV Kitchen gets another awesome review! This one from Allan Tepper.

DV Kitchen gets another awesome review! This one from Allan Tepper.

“DVKitchen is unique in helping you to determine your ideal settings… very quickly…”

“No other program on the planet has all of these time-saving features ”

“As you play with any of the five sliders, the recommended bitrate budget number updates dynamically! I don’t know any other software tool, at any price, that offers this. ”

“DVKitchen’s TimeFreezer is a tool which very simply and easily helps you to select and then export a still frame from a video clip, in JPG, PICT, or PNG.” – maybe

“Thanks to the built-in FTP client, DVKitchen doesn’t have to stop after encoding your video. The built-in FTP client will memorize all of your FTP servers (or even particular directories/folders) along with their respective passwords. Once that’s memorized, you can assign each encoding job to be FTPed to a particular server when it’s finished. The FTP function also allows you to create new directories/folders, and even examine and delete files that are there.”

“DVKitchen has an amazingly simple user interface, considering how much it does… DVKitchen is really a must-have tool.”

“Even if for some reason you must encode with another tool (I can’t imagine why, but just in case), it still makes sense to purchase DVKitchen if only for the other features.”

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