DV Kitchen gets stellar review in MacUser UK

DV Kitchen gets stellar review in MacUser UK


A few quotes:

DV Kitchen, from DV Creators, costs little more than a budget video encoder, yet offers a host of professional features.”

“SampleLab allows bitrate data size/quality trade-offs to be gauged quickly and accurately. It’s simple to use but incredibly useful, and therein lies its genius.”

“The Bitrate Calculator is a useful, foolproof way to calculate the applicable bitrate for encodes.”

“Timefreezer… is another simple, effective and welcome tool.”

“While other encoding tools have attempted FTP upload functionality, none has got it quite right until DV Kitchen.”

“Our overall impression of DV Kitchen is very favourable. Encoding is quick, extra tools such as the SampleLab are excellent and the program facilitates virtually every encoding eventuality we can think of – and all at a bargain price.”

We are overjoyed with Ben Frain’s incisive, intelligent review. And the Brits once again show they are a bit ahead of the curve- reviews in major U.S. publications are still forthcoming! 🙂

Read the entire review here.


  1. Paul Hardt 14 years ago

    Okay, I purchased this and really like it. We ALL want the very best looking quality digital content on the web. Once again I can tell people DV Creators has a practical solution for my workflow. More people need to find this. Really. Being knowledgable with encoding is now a part of what many us need to do successfully.
    Paul Hardt of
    Hardt Content Creationals

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