DVcreator Location Sound Package 1

DVcreator Location Sound Package 1

DVcreator Location Sound Package 1:

RODE NTG-2 Shotgun

RODE 10′ Boom Pole

K-TEK Zeppelin Fuzzy Windscreen – Foam wrapped with fur

RODE Shockmount – Mounts on camera hot-shoe or boom pole!

Audio Technica Premium AT8314 XLR cables– Audio Technica 20′ and a short 1.5′ XLR cable (for on-camera use).

All this for just $499! Save over $200 !!

Everything you need to capture high-quality audio

DVcreator Location Sound Package
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Regular $680 Package Price: $499.00


  1. Peter Silk 15 years ago

    I really wanna get this but i live in the UK – will it work with my pal camera?

    • vin 13 years ago

      Hey Peter, why on earth would a microphone not work with your PAL camera?

  2. Larry Vaughn 14 years ago

    I bought the rode boompole from you but my cable ends are too big to fit inside the smallest tube. How much is the AT8314 XLR cable set?

  3. Guy 14 years ago

    Hi Larry, the 20′ Audio Technica cable is $20. I just tested internally cabling the RODE boom pole and would not suggest doing it unless you plan to leave the cable in and are not needing to collapse the pole often. The cable pass through is fairly tight and wears on the cable. My advice would be to just wrap the cable around the pole and use the included velcro straps.

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