DVcreatorsFX: Blizzard

DVcreatorsFX: Blizzard

Free HD blizzard clips!

Here is a freebie FX clip from the DVcreators labs… a snowy blizzard! Just add a windy sound effect and you’ll want to huddle around the fire!

The animation is a minute long and include an alpha channel so you can drag it right into any editing or motion graphics software (Mac only) over your video to add falling snowflakes to any scene.

The clips are made from OpenGL and CoreVideo so they’re only 12K!

Click below to view the clips, or right-click and download.

blizzard 720p HD
blizzard 1080 HD


  1. Ian R. Brown 13 years ago

    These effects are excellent and were required by one of the users of the Final Cut Express forum.

    Thanks to the creator. I am still baffled as to how a 60 second DV effect can only be 20KB !

  2. Seth 11 years ago

    What codec do they use?

  3. Rich 10 years ago


  4. Jonanthan Burke 10 years ago

    Many thanks for this excellent snow fall. Managed to slow it down as well as using it as intended. JB

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