DVXUser Deals!

DVXUser Deals!

DVeStore is a proud sponsor of DVXUser, one of the best filmmaker forums on the internet! Your voice is just as important to us as your patronage, and here you’ll find a collection of deals we’ve put together specifically for DVXUser members. As a DVXUser, you automatically get 5% off ANYTHING you purchase, just add an item to the shopping cart and see for yourself when you apply coupon code “dvxuser”

Training Discs

DV Enlightenment, After Effects PowerStart, Motion PowerStart


Lowel DVcreator Kit, Litepanels Micro, Photoflex 42″ Reflector, Reflecmedia Chroma Key System , Flolight LED Lighting


DVcreator Location Sound Package, RODE NTG-3, Sennheiser Evolution Wireless, Sanken CS1 Shotgun Microphone, RODE Videomic, Sennheiser MKE400 Shotgun, Sanken C0S-11 Lavalier Microphone, Sennheiser MKH416

Audio Equipment
Signvideo ENG44, BeachTek XLR Adapters, Sennheiser HD-280 Headphones, RODE Blimp, Juicedlink XLR Adapters

Audio Recording

Edirol R-44 Portable Field Recorder , Edirol R-4 Pro , SONY PCM-D50 Handheld Recorder, Tascam DR-100

Video Recording

Convergent Design nanoFlash, AJA Ki Pro

Camera Support

Steady Stick, Manfrotto 503HDV Tripod, Manfrotto 561B Monopod, Matthews M25 Tripod, Miller DS10

Camera Stabilization

Steadicam Merlin, Steadytracker, Steadicam Pilot, Skycrane, Jr


Final Cut Studio

Camera Accessories

Warmcards, Firestore FS-4, Tiffen Soft FX 3 Filter, IKAN Portable HD LCD Monitor

NEW! Marshall 7″ Broadcast Monitor

Computer Accessories

G-RAID FireWire800 Hard Drives, Lacie Hard Drives, AJA Capture cards, Black Magic Capture Cards, Logic Keyboard for FCP, Matrox Capture cards and H.264 accelerator , Blu-ray burner

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