Edirol R-44 4-Channel Field Recorder

Edirol R-44 4-Channel Field Recorder

Edirol R-44

The R-44 is a compact, four channel, solid-state field recorder that uses SD or large capacity SDHC cards as the storage media enabling quiet and reliable recording for a variety of professional audio needs. Capture up to 4 channels of uncompressed audio with selectable bit depths (16-bit or 24-bit) and sampling frequencies (44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz/192kHz). Onboard effects include limiter, low cut filter, 3-band EQ, 6-band GEQ, Enhancer, and DeEsser.

The R-44 only weights 2 Lbs! Its’ compact design makes it great for almost every location sound solution with the R-44 being solid state you never have to worry about bumping it and killing the hard drive that is built in. Edirol also makes a great carry solution for the R-44. Even a Boom operator could just sling the bag over their shoulder and hit record. No more awkward cables going between the Boom operator and the camera.

This is also a great soution for live events. You could take a direct ling out of the house soundboard. Getting any and all music abd microphones that are being sent to the house mix. Along with that, you might set up a stereo pair of microphones to pick up an over all good room tone for your base track. This give you that “Live” feeling to the mix.

The possibilities are endless with this versatile, compact, light weightm field recorder!


Pro quality four channels recordings to large capacity SDHC cards.
The Edirol R-44 is designed for professional use within a very conveniently sized package. Capture up to 4 channels of uncompressed audio with selectable bit depths (16-bit or 24-bit) and sampling frequencies(44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz). R-44 employs SD cards or large capacity SDHC cards as the recording media. No moving parts enables the most silent and reliable operation possible.

Built-in stereo microphones and monitor speakers
Although the R-44 is compact, all the necessary functions are included. Built-in high quality microphones and speakers make recording and monitoring without external devices possible.

Built-in Effects
3-Band EQ
3-band parametric EQ ; allows precise equalization with high/low shelving and peaking
6-Band Graphic EQ
6 point frequency band equalization; ideal for recording
Noise Gate
Minimizes noise during low audio levels, cuts low frequency noise
Cleary defines and enhances sound; good for dialogue
Comp & DeEsser
Cuts hissing, smoothens the sound, makes audio level uniform
MS Mic Mixing
Generates stereo mix with specified spread from inputs of Mid-Side Microphones
* Effects can be applied on both input and output
* Effects are not available while sample rate is set to 192kHz

Built-in limiter, low-cut filter and studio class effects
An on-board limiter helps suppress sudden peaks in sound from an input source. A low-cut filter is included to help prevent things like wind noise or mic handling noise. Studio class effects such as 3-Band EQ, 6-Band GEQ, Enhancer or DeEsser can be used as tools to greatly improve audio quality. Effects can be applied while recording or simply for monitoring/playback.

Pre-Record function ensures you never miss that important moment again
The Pre-Record function buffers input signals for a user-definable amount of time. When the REC button is pressed, the material from the previous few seconds (selectable) is included. This also helps reduce sound bites at the beginning of a recording by not having to start the recorder too early.

Combo type analog jacks and digital output enables connection with a variety of devices
The combo input jacks (4) supports the connection of both XLR and 1/4 inch plugs. XLR inputs are equipped with phantom power. Eleven steps of input sensitivity enable the connection of various devices with a variety of inputs levels from microphones to musical instruments. High quality analog circuitry in the preamp ensures superior recording results.

High-contrast Organic LED display and operation-oriented user interface
The high contrast, high response organic LED screen, viewable from wide angles ensures fluid operation in field recording situations. The high response of level meters makes precise level adjustments possible. All the necessary switches and knobs are located on the top and front panels. Self-lit buttons on all the key controls enable clear-cut recording operations.

Capture eight channels by linking two units
The Control Sync terminal enables synchronized operation of 2 units. Control the second unit from the master by simply connecting two with a stereo mini cable. The master unit can remotely control REC standby, REC start and REC stop of the slave unit. This function enables 8-channel recording in a compact space and at an affordable price.

Link to computer via high speed USB
The R-44 storage can be mounted on computers with a simple USB 2.0 connection. It is seen as an USB storage device on any computer. You can copy data back and forth with a simple drag & drop operation.

Four hours of recording with four AA batteries
The R-44 can be operated with 3 types of power: AC adaptor, 4-pin external battery and AA batteries. Four hours* of operation is possible with NiMH or alkaline batteries.
* at 16-bit/44.1kHz stereo. No phantom power and pre-record disabled.

Edirol R-44

Availability: Usually ships same/next day

Price: $995 – Free 16GB SD Card!


  1. Dean Sensui 14 years ago

    Does the Edirol put some sort of time stamp on each file as it records?

    I am considering the R44 as a field recorder for double-system sound, but need some sort of time reference either on or in the file to be able to use it efficiently. With the time stamp I can match up a particular recording with each video clip in post.

    Dean Sensui
    Executive Producer
    Hawaii Goes Fishing

  2. Keiran 13 years ago

    This is great. However I still don’t really get why they can’t get their act together and put 1 card for each channel.

    I don’t care about all the effects and bonus toys as anybody doing serious video is going to be working in post anyhow. I also do not care one little bit about if it is 2 pounds or 3 pounds or 5 pounds.

    Roland seems to be so out of touch with their consumers. And all of these types of recording device seem to be way behind the ball on the TSUNAMI WAVE of interest in high quality DV that is coming with cameras like the 7D and 550D. Sharpen your pencils Roland!

    One question though – if it’s 4 hours at 44 khz, does it drop significantly at 96 khz or 192?

    Actually that’s quite sufficient for me, but it would be a pain to have to switch the batteries every 30 minutes or something – kind of like having to babysit. It would be much preferable to have a 12 cell battery pack or something designed to power it if it makes a huge difference. I can live with 3-4 hours of recording time on one set of batteries.

  3. Dean Sensui 13 years ago

    The Edirol R44 can record about 10 hours of 4-channel audio at 48 kHz. It’ll run for four hours with internal NiMH batteries but a lot longer with an external battery.

    Be very careful with external power sources. The center conductor is negative. Most other devices have the center conductor positive. Don’t know why Roland did this. It can cause confusion and possibly blow your external power input.

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