Edirol V-440HD

Edirol V-440HD

Edirol V-440HD 8 channel Video Mixer/ Live Switcher + Chroma keyer!

The V-440HD is the first affordable HD mixer offering 4 HD inputs and 4 SD inputs and this product is simply stunning. Imagine being able to take a 1280×1024 VGA output from a computer and have a person in front of a green screen shot with an HD camera come walking right into the computer display. Simply amazing! Now imagine being able to size down the person with PiP and move them anywhere in the screen with a joystick. Now fade them out and reveal an HD-DVD source. It’s all possible with the Edirol V-440HD, plus the output is super clean!

You can also loop each input out to a LCD monitor for preview – a must for any serious mixing. This is perfect for schools, churches, corporate presentations, concerts and any live event. If you demand high resolution, this is the device.

Mix multi format signal
Capable to mix SD video, HD video and RGB signal from computers. NTSC or PAL of SD video, 1080i or 720p of HD video, upto SXGA resolution of RGB signal can be input.

Output multi format signal
Selectable output format. 1080i or 720p for HDTV and RGB for computer display.

Seamless mixing/switching
Thanks to the built-in up converter and scan converter, totally seamless mixing or switching of different format signal is possible without any external device or any complicated operation.

Simple operation of Effects
Exremely simple and intuitive operation of effects. Turning dial to set Key level or PinP size. Joystick to adjust PinP position. Dial to set time of auto transition effects.

Multiple units connectable
With through output of video signal and MIDI connection, multiple units can be cascaded for wide image (32:9 etc) output to multiple screens.

Remote controlable
V-LINK make this remote controlable from external Roland/Edirol music instruments. Remote control from computer connected via RS-232C is also possible.

Edirol V-440HD 8 channel Video Mixer / Switcher

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Our Price: $8,995.00


  1. Félix Nolasco 13 years ago

    Favor enviarme más información.

  2. Ryan shetler 12 years ago

    I am the new technology teacher at a school that already has the v-4. They didn’t know much about it and have just been doing the basic switching between 2 camera. I’ve figured out how to set the green screen to green and the menu but, we don’t have a computer that has s-video on it. How do we go from a usb computer to the s-video input so show the background of the green screen. We want to take what is on the computer and put it in the system but I can’t figure out how. Also, we are going to want to record our newscast. How could I go out of the V-4 to record on a computer and the last thing is: Can the 2 cameras show up on one screen for the person switching? We have a student running the T-bar switcher but she can’t see what they are filming to know what to switch to. I hope this makes sense. I’ve been looking at the manuel and youtube videos for hours and just see the basic things. If you could help us out that would be great!

    • guy 12 years ago

      You’ll need a Scan Convertor to take the VGA or DVI output of the computer out and turn it into S-Video. Some of these can be found for around $100.

      To record, I would get a Grass Valley ADVC110. It takes the S-Video from the V-4 and turns it into Firewire. You’ll also need a mixer of some kind to get the audio in via RCA.

      You’ll want monitors for each source. An old TV will do, but a lot of folks use small 4″ monitors for each camera as well as a Preview monitor and a Program monitor. Hope this helps. IKANcorp.com has some great small monitors for a decent price.

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