Edirol VC-300HD

Edirol VC-300HD

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Main Features

Multi-format In/Multi-format OutDesigned for a wide range of workflows in mid, post and live video productions, the VC Series offers flexible format conversion of Digital/Analog, HD/SD or compressed/uncompressed signals. The VC series also accepts signals and direct connections from computer RGB sources. A wide variety of output devices like record decks, data projectors or plasma/LCD displays can be directly connected.Designed for the Highest Quality ImageThe VC Series uses high quality A/D and D/A converters for input and output along with internal 4:4:4 10 bit signal processing. From simple format conversion to MPEG encode/decode to complex frame rate conversions, the VC Series delivers professional results.Compatible with HDV devicesCompatible with wide variety of HDV cameras and VTR’s from Sony, Canon and JVC, the VC Series offers a high quality processor for encoding and decoding HDV in real-time. EDIROL’s audio technology also makes simultaneous processing of the audio signal possible.Auto format detection and simultaneous output from multiple terminalsThe VC 300HD/VC-200HD features automatic detection of the input source and simultaneous output of the converted signal to multiple terminals such as SDI, IEEE 1394, DVI and analog component. This enables the recording or display of a single source to multiple recording devices or displays.

Edirol VC-300HD

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Price: $9,995.00 – Use Coupon Code “TAKE5” during Checkout for a 5% Discount!

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