Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro

Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro

Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro (book)
from Peachpit Press

No wonder Apple’s Final Cut Pro is such a hit with desktop filmmakers: It combines powerful video-editing and special-effects software with an affordable price tag. If you have the software, learn to use it like a pro.

Film editors, production professionals, and students alike will find Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro an invaluable resource, thanks to its practical and efficient cinematic strategies for working with Final Cut Pro and other tools.

Author Michael Wohl is a professional film editor and was one ofthe original designers of Final Cut Pro. He is also one of DVcreators.net’s instructors!

By Michael Wohl, published by Peachpit Press.
Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro(Peachpit Press)
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  1. Benedict Kaguo 14 years ago

    My Name is Ben a Senior Repoter here in Mwambao Fm local Radio Station in Tanga City,North East of Dar es Salaam the Capital City of Tanzania.

    I would like to learn more about howa to edit news story because I selected to be Acting News Editor in the Station.

    Thank yyou Very Much

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