Final Cut Pro Foundations

Final Cut Pro Foundations

(Reliable internet connection required.) has been known as the world leader in Final Cut Pro training since the day Final Cut Pro 1.0 was released.

We were the training company Apple chose to help launch Final Cut Pro with training on disc, in workshops in over 60 cities and all major trade shows. We have taught alongside Randy Ubillos, the creator of Final Cut Pro (and talked him into adding some cool features to the application!). We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of FCP editors further their Final Cut Pro knowledge. Most of the people currently writing books and teaching Final Cut Pro are our former students!

Final Cut Pro Foundations is the quintessential Final Cut Pro editing course, guiding users through every step of the essential editing process from organizing projects through capture, basic editing and fine-tuning to exporting the final project for delivery in the highest possible quality. Complete with student project files, Final Cut Pro Foundations is the only chunkalized Final Cut Pro training in the world!

During the course, you’ll edit together “Mr. Right”, a short comedic tale of revenge and intrigue that steps users through editing a real world project incorporating many editing techniques and challenges that may arise in any project.

Check out the following demo movies from Final Cut Pro Foundations:

Final Cut Pro Foundations excerpt 1

Final Cut Pro Foundations excerpt 2

Final Cut Pro Foundations excerpt 3

Final Cut Pro Foundations excerpt 4

(the links above are simply Quicktime movie excerpts, and are NOT presented in our Chunkalized™ learning environment. They are provided just to give you a glimpse of the product quality and content, but won’t give you a feel for the actual learning experience. But they are neat, eh?)

What will I learn in this course?

Final Cut Pro Foundations is focused on the goal of helping you perfect the fundamental set of tools, techniques and operations that make up 90% of the editing process of any project, from a corporate training video to an Academy-award-winning film.You’ll learn the easiest way to perform essential editing operations as well as a constant stream of precious and valuable secrets, tips, tricks, timesavers and techniques that will greatly improve the quality of your future projects and your editing experience.When you finish this course, you will know:
• the best way to set up your editing system
• how to organize your project for a fast and efficient workflow
• the most important keyboard shortcuts and timesaving tips• the fastest way to capture your video• using matched action edits to create a seamless edit
• how to fine-tune the timing and flow of your edit with the ripple tool
• the right way to use Final Cut’s title tool
• setting up real time extreme to avoid redlining and rendering while editing• how to avoid out of sync video and audio
• finding audio peaks and an awesome secret for getting location sound without distortion• how to export Quicktime movies with pristine quality for DVD or the web- the quality difference will knock your socks off!
• what to do after your project’s finished to free up space on your drives yet still be ready to re-edit if needed

How is the course presented?

We believe that in order to master any software, you must do, not just watch. Final Cut Pro Foundations is taught in our unique, innovative chunkalized™ learning environment, where you will actually build the tutorial project yourself in Final Cut Pro, with the help of your virtual instructor. Each technique and process is presented as a series of clear, easy-to-understand steps.

Why is this course far superior to the plethora of other training books and discs?

Instead of covering tools and concepts in an artificial order dictated by the software, the knowledge in Final Cut Pro Foundations is presented in the context of completing a real world project. So, when working on your own projects, you’ll immediately be able to put what you’ve learned to work.

What if the course goes too fast or too slow?

In our chunkalized™ learning environment, you must verify that you comprehend and have completed each step in the process before your virtual instructor moves on. You learn at your own pace. Quickly move through sections you understand, have your virtual instructor repeat steps or sections, take “lab time” and experiment whenever you wish because you are the only student in this class. You have total control. If the course goes too slowly, you can play several chunks before switching into Final Cut Pro.

What if I have a question?

No one should learn alone. We have included an ”Ask a Question” button that posts your question on our forums for thousands of other Final Cut Pro users to answer. You are always welcome to join us to ask questions, offer advice, and share tips with other students and your instructor.

Should I buy Final Cut Pro Foundations if I’ve been editing in Final Cut Pro for years?

The course is mostly designed for new users, with material that will be familiar to anyone who has editing with Final Cut Pro for a while. However, any editor who has not yet attained the mastery of Final Cut Pro they desire will find going through the whole course from the beginning solidifies and improves their understanding of Final Cut Pro and the editing process in general.

We do guarantee that in the constant stream of cool tips, shortcuts and secrets, you’ll learn at least a few new tricks that will help you in every project you edit.

And, there are some sections, for example, on exporting, or media mangement, that could be worth the price of this course all by themselves even for very experienced editors. For example, if you only learned how to make your exported files look 1000% better than they do now, is that worth $9.95?

Course Outline

Introduction • Foundations • Editing Workflow • Video Formats • Digital Non-Linear Editing Process • System Set-up • Folder Organization • Interface Orientation • Browser • Viewer • Timeline • Canvas • Preferences • Easy Setup • Audio/Video Settings • System Settings • Capture from Tape • Log & Capture • Audio Capture • Interface and Tape Control • Capturing on the Fly • Rough Cut • Viewing and Trimming • Building Your Edit • Matched Action Edit • Insert Edit • Ripple Tool • Post-Production Visuals • Title • Superimpose Edit • Title Safe • Real-Time Extreme • Transitions • Audio • Track Forward Tool • Exporting • Printing to Video • Post Post-Production • Media Manager

Final Cut Pro Foundations course

For new users to intermediate editors

Requirements: recent model computer with Mac OS X, 1024 X 768 or larger monitor

Availability: Download NOW!

Price: $9.95

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  1. Daiquir St John 16 years ago

    I jusst bought FCP5. This will be my first attempt at any editing ever. Will this DVD be of help in getting me started with editing since i am really a brand new ‘newbie’ at this ??? thank yhou for a reply .

    –Daiquiri St John

    • Josh 12 years ago

      It will be the perfect thing!

  2. Marc Awobuluyi 16 years ago

    What other Final Cut DVDs do you have in the pipeline?

  3. Stephen Schleicher 16 years ago

    Overall, I think Final Cut Pro Foundations is an excellent DVD for beginners. Any school using Final Cut Pro as its edit system should purchase a copy to get students up to speed quickly. And anyone who is thinking of purchasing, or has recently migrated to, Final Cut Pro will find the information immensely valuable. For $59.95 you get everything you need for about the same price as a big heavy text book. I give Final Cut Pro Foundations a Strong Buy Recommendation.

  4. Josh 16 years ago


    1. create a new Final Cut Pro project

    2. look in Documents > Learning Syndicate > Final Cut Pro Foundations > tutorial media

    3. drag the three folders into your Browser

    4. save the project

    Now you’re exactly where you should be when your double click our project.

  5. Rodrigo Zahr 16 years ago

    I strongly recommend this tutorial to all FCP users, even the experimented ones since there’s always something new to learn as it’s the case with all Dvcreators tutorials.
    I can’t wait to see Josh and his team launching more interesting products like this one.

  6. Natassia 16 years ago

    Could I please ask what is the cheapest shipping price to send this to The Netherlands??


  7. Warren 16 years ago

    Just wanted to say that I got your FCP Foundations dvd, and it is wonderful. An excellent learning tool. Looking forward to an advanced tutorial.

  8. LindaW 15 years ago

    My husband loved this DVD and has already learned a great deal more than he would have with trial and error. He is not a beginner, but he thought the overview on the things he did know was still helpful. He especially loved the tricks and tips provided. Thanks for making a great in-depth tutorial! Follow along and do each step with the samples they provide to get the most out of it.

  9. Eden Cisse 15 years ago

    DV Creators ROCK!!!
    I bought your FCP powerstart for FCP 3 long time agoa while I still was in college. That’s the best investment I ever did in my whole life. I am simply in love with your work.
    Since Foundations is a DVD, can we play it on a standard DVD player? My G4 is kinda old.

    Keep on the GREAT work.

  10. Effers Jonax 15 years ago


    I just wanna ask if we can have a downloadable version of most of the tutorials. I am living far and would want a copy right away. Thanks.

  11. grace 15 years ago

    Yes, we now have downloadable versions!!! 🙂

  12. Alivia 14 years ago

    I do not have the software FCP, or any experience with this program what so ever. I have a MacBook Pro 10.4.11. Will downloading this file work for me AND my computer. Once again, I have never seen FCP before.

  13. Josh 14 years ago

    It will help you a lot to learn how to edit with FCP. Once you do actually have FCP, you can go through the course again in hands-on mode which will enhance your editing ability immensely.

  14. den 14 years ago

    does it cover FCP studio (FCP6+) ?



    • grace 14 years ago

      All the information in our Final Cut Pro Foundations course applies to Final Cut Pro 6.

  15. fanman 14 years ago

    can you do this course with Final Cut Express HD?

  16. grace 14 years ago

    If you are using Final Cut Express, I would recommend our Final Cut Express Foundations course.

  17. Natalie 14 years ago

    How long is the FCP Foundations course? Thanks, I am looking forward to it!

  18. chris p. 13 years ago

    What is the difference between Final Cut Pro Foundations and Final Cut Express Foundations?
    I saw the excerpts and 2 of them are excactly the same. is it just that the pro version is $10 more?

    • Josh 13 years ago

      The projects are the same, but since Pro and Express are a little different there are differences in the courses so they apply 100%.

  19. Barb Jones 13 years ago

    I know everyone’s learning pace will vary, but, just approximately, how much time should I set aside to complete this course? Two days? Five days? Two weeks? Thanks for any advice/information you can provide.

    • Josh 13 years ago

      A day, with a followup day to review and perhaps go through again and experiment should be plenty.

  20. david 13 years ago

    I noticed in a previous entry that your course applies to Final Cut Pro 6.0. Does the information and lessons in your Final Cut Pro Foundations course applies to Final Cut Pro 7.0?

  21. Jeff 13 years ago

    I bought this product for FCP 6 how about for FCP 7

  22. Fred Rea 13 years ago

    FCP 7 appropriate ? comments on the DVD go back to 2007… which parts, if any, might ought’a be (Florida) refreshed to reflect current Apple product?

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