Final Cut Pro plugins

Final Cut Pro plugins

This page and this one have great lists of free Final Cut Pro plugins.

Here’s a list of plugins from Toolfarm.

Here are some free FCP Transitions and Filters from Graeme Nattress.


  1. UniqueWater 17 years ago

    DFT plugins are free, however useless because a large
    white X covers the screen until you pay for it. It allows you to see what the effect will look like, but will not let you use it for your final product like other free plugins.
    So, save the download time.

  2. Klaus Eiperle 16 years ago

    I like to tell you that there is a free Final Cut Pro/Express plug-in available: CGM Aged
    Film LE. CGM Aged Film LE is a special version of Aged Film; one of over 136 effects and
    transitions included in the CGM DVE Complete package from CGM, CGM
    Aged Film LE is a tool designed to make your DV footage look less like video and more like
    film. Use the presets as starting points, adjusting the controls to get just the look
    you’re after.

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