Final Cut Pro X update from London

Final Cut Pro X update from London

Apple held a private Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) briefing for enterprise contracts in London on July 6th. One first hand report has been posted to the internet detailing what Apple discussed during the event. Alex4d summarizes tweets by @aPostEngineer which reveals the following points:

1. FCP XML in/out is coming via 3rd party soon…no FCP 6/7 support project support coming ever it seems…

2. Ability to buy FCP7 licenses for enterprise deployments coming in the next few weeks…

3. FCPX EDL import/export coming soon…

4. FCPX AJA plugins coming soon for tape capture and layback…capture straight into FCPX [events].

5. XSAN support for FCPX coming in the next few weeks…

6. FCPX Broadcast video output via #Blackmagic & @AJAVideo coming soon…

7. Additional codec support for FCPX via 3rd Parties coming soon…

8. Customizable sequence TC in FCPX for master exports coming soon…

9. Some FCPX updates will be free some will cost…

via Apple to Allow Additional FCP 7 Enterprise Licenses and More on FCP X [Update] – Mac Rumors.


  1. Scott Waugh 12 years ago

    Josh, great site, I’m looking forward to your review of Final Cut ExpressPro X.

    From what I read with regards to the Enterprise FCP 7 licenses was that it wasn’t a sure thing actually and that it depends on some legal issue of some sort – I’m sure it would be a sure thing if Steve wanted it to be.

    What was for sure from the meeting (that I read) was that physical FCS 3 boxes and media are gone forever (i.e. not coming back, pick up what you can while you can, looks like there are still a few on eBay for not ridiculous prices). I remember when Snow Leopard came out, G5 users (my dad for example) who hadn’t upgraded to Leopard assumed they’d be able to buy Leopard after Snow Leopard released but Apple did the same thing buying back the Leopard copies quickly and soon PowerPC compatible copies of Leopard were going for 3x retail price on eBay (the Leopard disks that came with Intel machines were Intel only), although the prices have come down now – but it seems to be standard operating procedure for Apple.

    Stevo, apparently just can’t wait till all their software (and everyone else’s so he gets that 30%) is download only through the iStore. This actually leaves a bad taste in my mouth (I love Apple hardware and software), but this charging towards an iPhone distribution model for the Mac bugs me. For my OS and big expensive applications (like FCP) I’d like to have hard media and some manuals.

    Here’s a couple of really great articles on FCP X by former Apple software execs:

    From the guy in charge of Shake:

    From the guy in charge of FCP development for a good number of years:

    I may buy FCP X (it fits me perfectly, the step up from iMovie, although I use iMovie HD still) but the way Apple has done this (and the very specific choices they made in doing it) is making me look very seriously at the Adobe bundle at 50% off. What Apple has done annoys me and I’m just a bystander.

    • Josh Mellicker 12 years ago

      I have a set of FCS3 .dmgs on my NAS, not going to delete them! And the 7.0.3 update is still available…

      • Scott Waugh 12 years ago

        I hear that on the DMG’s! As good as gold or something like that. I wouldn’t expect the 7.0.3 updates to go away – seems like one area Apple keeps around (they still have Tiger updates (just did a Tiger install to put on FCE 3.5 prior to updating to Leopard) and probably earlier updates as well).

        Got an idea when your review might be ready? (just to set my expectations…)

    • Rick Lang 12 years ago

      @Scott Waugh
      “this charging towards an iPhone distribution model for the Mac bugs me. For my OS and big expensive applications (like FCP) I’d like to have hard media and some manuals.”

      Scott, there are some benefits to that model as you can now install the software on many machines that you control currently and in the future without using those original install disks that the dog ate…

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