Fox's "24" tests HDV cameras

Fox's "24" tests HDV cameras

On the Canon H1, Rodney Charters says:

“We did manage to get footage out of the Canon and upload it to the D5 no problem. And it was this footage that we viewed at Level 3 post, where it made an amazing comparison against the 35mm dailies. The imagery was almost identical except for that nagging problem of almost infinite DOF. It confirmed our belief that this was the sharpest and best picture of the bunch.”


  1. Markus Janner 17 years ago

    At the post facility that i work at we have done some recording out to 35mm film from the Sony Z1, JVCHD100, and Canon XLH1. None of the cameras were very impressive. To me the images they produced were on par with well shot Digi Beta.
    Close up locked off shots look quite nice but when the camera moved even the slightest hard compression kicked in. The way the cameras dealt with 24 fps movement at times looked a little strange. Actually the Z1 doesn’t handle 24 at all. On HD monitors and down converts the cameras all look great. Just going out to a big screen you start to notice the short comings from this generation of cameras.

  2. Stoney XL 16 years ago

    Markus’ comments and tests make 100% sense to and for me. I have no intention of big screening my stuff and am actually considering a simple ol’ FX-1 + 24p software until the Panny workflow becomes a lil more sane or something more feasible comes along. I’m just shooting lo-bud vidz and street dvds. Really only need hd for some green screening. With the tricks I know people are surprised that it’s just my 2001 VX2K w/ AE and FCP plugz.

  3. Shooter 15 years ago

    No matter how great the Digital Cameras are right now, they can’t compete with the resalution of 35MM FILM on the BIG SCREEN.
    They just can’t.

    • Josh 14 years ago

      Next time you go to a movie, you are likely watching something shot on video. Check to see all the movies shot on video.

  4. Josh 15 years ago

    Actually they can.

    Next time you’re in a theater, watching a movie, remember… it might have been shot on video, and you don’t even know it.

    Film as a medium, is dying.

  5. KC 14 years ago

    Really? You can’t tell the difference? You should be a little more discerning, especially if you actually work on this medium.

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