G-RAID hard drives

G-RAID hard drives
Firewire 800 based External Drives are showing that they are a great solution for high-speed storage. Traditionally we’ve always said to go internal for your drives and that is still your safest bet. But what if you need to edit between two different workstations, say for instance at the studio and then on the road. What if you just want more streams of RealTime video? You know Picture-in-picture times five with a cool motion background plus a motion graphic flying across with text reading, “This is Real-Time baby!” That’s when you need to take a closer look at the G-RAID.

Bottom line: If you want 25% faster speed than what your computer shipped with – get a G-RAID!

In testing with Intech’s QuickBench speed tools, we found the G-RAID to be 25% faster for READ speeds than the Internal SATA drive. Why is this important? Simply put, you can add more streams of video to your timeline with less likelihood of dropping frames. So it must be hard to set-up right? Nope, it’s very easy to connect with just one cable to the computer and one for power. Heck, I didn’t even have to format mine, it just showed up on the desktop.

Now whereas other drives out there are advertising crazy numbers for speed that are rated in certain “fast” areas of the drive, that’s not the case here, you’re guaranteed that the G-RAID is performing at top speeds spanning across the entire disk. That’s right, even when almost full.

WRITE speeds were about the same vs. the internal drive. The G-RAID does have a small internal fan that sucks in air through the perfed holes just like the G-5. Remember heat is a drives’ worst enemy and this thing is well, just cool!

For the ultra-geeks out there, the G-RAID has an on-board RAID controller with both a FireWire 800 port as well as a FireWire 400 port. With the FireWire 400 port you can still connect to say an iMac or MacBook if you needed to. If you wanted to take speed one step further, you could even put two of these together, each on a separate bus and do HD!

Now as for looks, you’ll just have to see one of these bad boys in person to really get a grasp of what I’m talking about. These drives are simply gorgeous. G-Technology and Medea really did a great job with the design as well as the components used. This thing screams quality. I give it two thumbs up!

G-Raid2 Firewire 800 External 2000 GB ( 2 TB )

Availability: Usually ships same/next day

Price: $499.00

G-Raid2 Firewire 800 2 Bay External 1,500 GB (1.5 TB )

Availability: Usually ships same/next day

Manfac. # 907209-01 GRAID215TB

Price: $339

G- Raid 3TB
Usually ships the same / next business day
Price: $649