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sampe imagesGloodle is “doodle with globs” — drawing using 3D shapes to create 2D images with a lot of richness, complexity, and depth.
Gloodle is a simple app that shows some hint of the immediate feedback that makes particleIllusion so fun and useable: in Gloodle you just draw on the window and cool things happen. Not much thinking required. There are plenty of controls to experiment with, and (like particleIllusion) a lot of power hidden under simple controls.

Gloodle is now available for free!

Impulse and wondertouch have now released Gloodle version 1.03 for free! This is not a demo or a restricted version, it is the complete version that was released in 1998.

Click here to download Gloodle v 1.03 (Windows)

The system requirements are quite minimal — if you’re running Windows 95 or newer, and your computer was built in 1997 or later you’ll have no problems running Gloodle.

Sorry Mac users, but Gloodle is available for Windows only.

If you can’t get the installer to work, download this version which does not include an installer.

If you’ve previously installed Gloodle 1.02 and you are unable to save images or movies, download this file and unzip it into the folder where Gloodle is installed. This will update you to 1.03, which is the latest version.

What can you do with Gloodle?

You can create many interesting and organic images with Gloodle, with powerful features including:

  • Several symmetry options, including polar symmetry.
  • The ability to import an image and “gloodle-ize” it.
  • Create a “pattern” out of a drawing, then draw with that pattern (can create some very intricate images!).
  • Add shading to a drawing (or portion of a drawing) to simulate depth, or use Chromadepth coloring (if you have the right 3D glasses!).
  • Import your own shape images to draw with.

Sample drawings that are included with Gloodle — click for larger versions.

download here


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