HHB DRM85 FlashMic

HHB DRM85 FlashMic

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HHB FlashMic DRM85 Digital Recording Microphone now $999

The HHB FlashMic is the world’s first professional digital recording microphone. Combining a high-quality, Sennheiser omni-directional condenser capsule with an inbuilt, broadcast-quality Flash recorder, FlashMic is a convenient, easy to operate and durable recorder that’s perfect for press and broadcast journalism, or any other voice recording application.

With no messy cables, just one button press is all it takes to start recording in either linear or MPEG 2 formats. Simple ‘drag and drop’ file transfer at up to 90x real time to a Mac or PC for editing or onward transmission is enabled by a ‘plug and play’ USB connection. Two AA batteries provide more than 6 hours continuous power and, with a 0 – 10 seconds pre-record buffer and 1GB of flash memory, you can be sure that you’ll never miss a word of that important interview with a FlashMic.

  • Convenient, portable and extremely easy to use
  • Rugged build quality, designed to withstand the rigours of portable recording
  • High-quality, omni-directional Sennheiser condenser microphone capsule for broadcast-quality recording
  • Very high quality microphone preamplifier with full manual or automatic gain control (AGC)
  • 1GB Flash memory for digital audio data
  • Maximum record time of over 18 hours (see over for table of record times)
  • LCD display with backlight for time, level and status information
  • USB-Interface for transfer of audio data (configured as a mass storage device), also used for configuration presets and FlashMic firmware updates
  • Headphone amplifier with volume control
  • 9 user templates can be configured externally using the FlashMic Manager PC/Mac software supplied
  • Real time clock, time-date updated when linked to host PC/Mac
  • Uses 2 x AA batteries – either primary cells or rechargeable
  • Battery remaining indicator with visible low battery warning
  • Battery life greater that 6 hours (1500mAh primary cells)
  • Pre record buffer adjustable from 0-10 seconds
  • Records linear 32 or 48kHz, or MPEG 1 Layer 2 encoded audio (128- 384 kbps)
  • Records broadcast .wav files linear (including time stamp) or .mp2 MPEG encoded
  • Simple mode of operation where presets from external PC/Mac templates can be recalled
  • Expert mode of operation where all variables are accessible on the FlashMic
  • Record time remaining indicator with low time remaining visible warning
  • Switchable high pass filter, 12dB/octave @ 100Hz
A Complete Package

The FlashMic comes complete with a pouch, stand clamp, USB cable, FlashMic Manager software and 2 x AA batteries


FlashMic Manager PC/Mac software (supplied) allows FlashMic functions to be configured and stored in 9 user presets. Presets can be set-up and then downloaded to non-volatile memory in the FlashMic via its USB port.

Function 1 Select record mode (see table below).

Function 2 Pre record buffer adjustable from 0 – 10 seconds in 2 second steps.

Function 3 Record volume, set to either AGC (Automatic Gain Control) or a manual figure 0 –100.

Function 4 High pass filter (12dB / Octave @ 100Hz) on or off.

Function 5 LCD display backlight – on or off.

Function 6 Enable configuration in DRM85. When set to ‘Yes’, EXPERT mode is engaged and functions 1-5 may be configured from the mic itself. If this parameter is set to NO, then all presets are fixed and none of the above settings can be altered from the mic.

BWF/MPEG file information can be entered in the fields on the right hand side of the GUI. This will then be written into the extensions in the audio file to enable easy identification of recordings.

The headphone volume is not controlled by the GUI and not stored in a preset. It can be manually adjusted from the mic via a rotary control.

Recording Times

Record Mode Audio Format Sample Rate MPEG Bitrate Recording Time

LIN48K Linear PCM 48 kHz – – 3 hrs 00 mins
LIN32K Linear PCM 32 kHz – – 4 hrs 30 mins
MP384 MPEG1 Layer 2 48 kHz 384 kbps 6 hrs 00 mins
MP256 MPEG1 Layer 2 32 kHz 256 kbps 9 hrs 00 mins
MP192 MPEG1 Layer 2 48 kHz 192 kbps 12 hrs 15 mins
MP128 MPEG1 Layer 2 32 kHz 128 kbps 18 hrs 15 mins


FlashMic has a built in USB port for fast transfer of recorded data to a computer. Both USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 protocols are supported.

The headphone socket accepts a standard 3.5mm jack. The mono signal from the
A/D converter is sent to both channels of a stereo input. The output from the
headphone socket can also be connected to the analogue line-in on any
soundcard, should external recording be required.

Update: Thank you for your interest in the HHB Line. Sennheiser is no longer the distributor in the US of HHB Products. DVeStore no longer carries the HHB line.



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