Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #1: Applying a transition to multiple clips

Final Cut Studio Warp Speed Workflow #1: Applying a transition to multiple clips

Here is a sneak preview of some Warp Speed Workflow™ Power Tips coming your way.

This trick, originally posted by us in 2001, and redone for the latest FCP version, shows the secret to adding a transition to multiple clips all at once with a simple click and drag!

UPDATE: The new Final Cut Pro 7 will do this in a different way.

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  1. chady 16 years ago

    this is a very impressive site that really helps me in editing

  2. DaveS 16 years ago

    This is fantastic. This is yet another thing I thought only Avid could do.
    Just goes to show that the tools are there, it just takes a little more work to find them.

    Thanks for this one!

  3. Tim Godby 16 years ago

    Just when a person thinks they may have a good grasp of FinalCut Pro a tip like this comes along and one is left exclaiming, “Whoa. I didn’t know you could do that!” Kudos!

  4. Josh 16 years ago

    Here are some more Warp Speed Workflowsâ„¢:

  5. Don 16 years ago

    Awesome. Thanks for yet another rad tip!

  6. andrej 16 years ago

    great stuff, thanks!

  7. jean 14 years ago

    GENIUS! thanx a million – you have no idea how long i searched for this!
    will now follow your podcast & tweets!

  8. 14 years ago

    this tip saved us a lot of time at a very late hour… THANK YOU!!!

  9. Gerry 13 years ago

    I have just finished a 3 hr sequence, fast cut and needing the same transition between each clip.
    Thank you – You have just saved me SO much work!

  10. John 13 years ago

    magic – thanks – especially useful for adding audio mixes – would never have thought of dragging the sequence clips back into the canvas

  11. Matt West 13 years ago

    Thank you.

    What a time saver!!!

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