How do I choose which microphone to use?

How do I choose which microphone to use?

.: A Brief Guide to Microphones :.

If microphones seem a mystery, a few minutes reading this guide may help clear up some misconceptions and assist you in understanding the differences between various microphone types and the advantages of important microphone features.

The fact is, microphones are really rather simple devices. And if you know the meaning of just a few key terms, you are well on your way to becoming a microphone expert. With this basic knowledge under your belt, it will be easier to select the right model for almost any application.

What A Microphone Does
Find out about Dynamic Microphones, Condenser Microphones, Phantom Power for Condenser Mics as well as Other Types of Microphones. [more]

What’s the Pattern
Omnidirectional, Directional, Representing Polar Patterns, Distance Factor, Line Microphones, How Do They Sound? Proximity Effect, Which Pattern is “Best”? [more]

Important Microphone Characteristics
Find out about Impedance, Balanced Output, Microphone Phasing and Sensitivity [more]

Two Common Problems
Find out about Feedback and Acoustic Phase Interference [more]

Some Useful Accessories
Find out about some of the accessories that complement our products. [more]


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