How do I install the x264 codec for DV Kitchen?

How do I install the x264 codec for DV Kitchen?

The first time you launch DV Kitchen, it will help you install the world’s best H.264 codec.

If you had any trouble, follow the steps below:


Did you have trouble downloading the codec? If so, just click here to re-download it.


Find the downloaded dmg (disk image). I have my browser set to download to my “Downloads” folder, so that’s where it downloaded to.

If it did not open (mount) automatically, double-click the dmg file to open it.


When it is open, you will see its contents in a Finder window like this:


Open a new Finder window (Command N), then navigate to your main hard drive > Library > Quicktime.


Finally, drag the item called x264Encoder.component into your Library/Quicktime folder.

Now you’re all set! Quit DV Kitchen, and the next time you launch it, you will have the world’s highest quality encoding at your fingertips.


  1. Josh 14 years ago

    Weird. I would try downloading again per this article.

  2. Ray 13 years ago

    I had same problem, but I fixed it. I had downloaded the .dmg and tried to open it to find the x264 Icon in OS X 3.9. The above problem happened to me. I switched to my OS X 4.0 system and all is well.


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