How to Buy & Sell Stock Video Footage Online

How to Buy & Sell Stock Video Footage Online

Do you own a great piece of video that you thought to yourself, “man, what if I could sell this as stock video?”  Well, you might be able to.  Opportunities are available to sell your videos to stock video companies and make royalties off of licensing fees when someone downloads your clip.

So how do you do this?

When interviewed about how to make money selling stock video content, Jim Goertz, Director of Content Development for video at said,

“I’m not going to say you should go out and find a popular file and copy it, but you can definitely see on our Website where the trends are, and what kind of content people are looking for.” If you see that a (video) file is selling an awful lot, well, it must mean that there are a lot of people in our world who need that kind of, or who are conducting a search that brings up that kind of file.

Here are some additional tips for selling your video content to iStockPhoto and other licensing agencies with their own public digital library websites:

  • Search and buy video content yourself. “It’s funny because some of our most astute contributors are people who buy content themselves; and that also opens their own minds up to stuff that they need, others likely will, too. Footage with people outsells footage without people in them. I think that’s because people want to see the human contact.” He says.
  • Check out the download numbers. iStockphoto shows the range of downloads that a video file has, so you can sort of see if a file is popular or not. “That’s something a lot of other (stock media) sites don’t share.” Jim says.
  • Check out the contributor guidelines. Here you should find information about the application process for submitting video content, more on the type of video content they’re looking for, and their royalty payment system(s). I also recommend checking out the FAQs for contributors, and submitting any questions in advance.

For more tips on making money selling stock video, check out this clip:

via Stock Video Footage Tips: How to Buy & Sell Stock Video Footage Online.


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