IKAN 8inch LCD

IKAN 8inch LCD

IKAN 8inch High Definition LCD

The Ikan V8000HDe is an 8-inch diagonal High Definition video monitor with a widescreen LCD panel. This is a high quality unit capable of displaying imagesin 1080i, 720p, and 480p. It includes BNC component, S-Video, and BNC composite inputs. It also comes with built-in support for “L” Series batteries.It is compact enough for camera mounting or attaching to a jib-arm. It’s large enough to be seen on a desk-top even from a distance. All of this for under a grand. The V8000HD is fully equipped to handle all your HD needs. It features Component HD inputs and outputs. It supports all the major HD formats like 1080i, 720p, and 480p. With its Composite and S-Video inputs it also supports standard definition 4×3 and 16×9.

Multiple Inputs

This monitor is jam-packed with inputs & outputs! Its has Component HD in & out, S-Video in & out, and Composite in & out. Both the component and composite inputs and outputs use professional BNC connectors so you don’t have to worry about loose connections.

Built-In battery Support

The V8000HD includes built-in support for “L” series batteries. This means that you can use your extra camcorder batteries to power this monitor in the field. Not only that, you can also charge the batteries with the monitor! In addition, we include a battery in the kit. Now that’s a great value!

What is Included

1-Ikan V8000LCD
1- Camera Hot Shoe Mount
1- AC adapter
3- BNC Adapters
Availability: Ships Same/Next Business Day

Our Price: $739.95

Ikan V8000 HDMI

Just like the original, the V8000HDMI has ‘pass through’ inputs for composite, S-Video and SD/HD component, but now it features the new HDMI input, enabling you to use an array of different devices. The rear of the monitor now features 100mm VESA mounting threads for a variety of mounting options.

The V8000HDMI still has built in battery support, but we’ve totally redesigned it to include a wide variety of options for both the prosumer and the professional alike. For those using prosumer batteries, you can still power the V8000HDMI with the Sony “L” series battery, but now you can use DV camera batteries from Canon, Panasonic and others with our new DV battery adapter plates.

For those using professional grade battery systems, ikan has developed an innovative mounting system. With our Pro Battery system, the battery is actually suspended separately from the monitor, transferring the weight of the battery system to the metal Invert Bracket and away from the monitor housing case. More inputs and a variety of portable power options and an incredibly reasonable price make the V8000HDMI one of the most versatile monitors in on the market today.

Ikan V8000 HDMI

Our Price: $795.00

Choose Battery Adapter Type

Accessory Pack – Monitor, Battery, charger, case

V8000 with Accessory kit
Our Price: $895


  1. Randy 15 years ago

    will this work well with canon xl2?

  2. Josh 15 years ago

    The XL2 is SD, so you don’t need an HD monitor. But it would work, would be good for the future when you go HD 🙂

  3. Daniel 15 years ago

    I am thinking of ordering one of these for use with my Sony A1U and V1U, especially the former with it 2.7″ LCD. I am also planning to purchase a 35mm adapter. Any recommendations for a mounting bracket that allows the LCD to be inverted? Zacuto has one, but it is a bit pricey . . . like all their equipment. Either a shoe-mount of one that clamps to 15mm support rods.

    • derek 14 years ago

      get the letus 35mm adapter, then you don’t have to worry about your picture being flipped….. I’ve been using it for months with great results

  4. becky 15 years ago

    how does it handle monitoring full 1080p footage shot from the ex1?

  5. guy 15 years ago

    IKAN is working on a less expensive arm for inverting the monitor. You might want to give Ross at IKAN a call to see when they will be shipping.

  6. Josh Chesarek 14 years ago

    Do you sell the BNC connction Adapters? I am interested in using this with my XL-H1A which has the component Cables but it looks like it will need the Adapter to goto BNC.

  7. Guy 14 years ago

    We give the BNC adapters for free with purchase 🙂 Just mention it in the comments during checkout. Or give a call if you already ordered one and we’ll ship them out.

  8. DannyK 14 years ago

    There’s an HDMI version now.
    Will you carry it?

    V8000-HDMI 8” HD LCD Monitor Retail Price: $995.00

    Ikan releases its second generation, high definition monitor, the V8000-HDMI. We’ve taken an already great monitor and improved its versatility with additional inputs and more power options.


  9. Guy 14 years ago

    Hi Danny, The HDMI version is listed right above.

  10. Jim 14 years ago

    I got this IKAN monitor for Xmas and just received my BNC adapters. I am using it with the Canon XH A1. It works very well, one thing I noticed is it doesn’t show the zebra stripes on the monitor, only the lcd. is there a way to make the zebra stripes appear on the monitor?


  11. Guy 14 years ago

    Hi Jim, I’m glad that you like the IKAN. It’s a great little lightweight monitor. The zebra pattern is only in the camera display and does not feed out of the component output. It’s the same on all cameras. I’m not sure that there is a camera out there that feed the zebra pattern through the camera’s output.

  12. becky 14 years ago

    The best your going to get with this monitor is 720p

  13. Charlie 14 years ago

    Hi would this be acurate enough to focus a Sony hxr-mc1p bullet cam? It records at 1920×1080/50i but your monitor seems to do 1080x720p. Am I missing something here? : )

    Many thanks.

    • Guy 14 years ago

      Depends on how accurate your needs are. The monitor scales 1920×1080 footage to fit 800 x 480. Same with any of the small HD monitors. The Marshall model may be of further interest, as you can use the “Pixel to Pixel” function and have it fill the 800×480 screen with just the center of the 1920×1080 image. http://www.dvcreators.net/marshall-electronics-7-lcd-monitor/
      Also, you might want to look at LCDracks.com at the new OLED monitors that soon to be available. The clearest picture I have seen for those with the most critical eye and budget is the OLED monitors. Sony’s XEL-1 starts at $2499 ouch http://tinyurl.com/3vz3kl

  14. Charlie 14 years ago

    Great thanks for the info!

  15. Diane Hlywka 10 years ago

    I purchased an Ikan v5600 monitor deluxe kit.

    I am very happy with the monitor but very disappointed the shoe mount broke. The screw that adjusts on the shoe mount allows you to angle the monitor fell out and will not go back in. I am not able to tighten/lock the monitor on the shoe without the use of it therefore I cannot use the monitor without it.

    Can you please tell me how I can find another shoe mount for this monitor?


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