Images of Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X?

Images of Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X?

“New Rig”… Hmmm… did one of those “you got peanut butter in my chocolate” moments happen with Motion 5 and Shake? I hope so!

(Click on images to enlarge)

Ah, dropzones are still alive and well! Yay for that!

These pics were posted by a Canadian fellow on Twitpic, and apparently Twitpic not only removed the pics, but his Twitter account is now gone! And, he’s been missing since this morning. Okay, that last part was a joke.  Real or not? What do you think?

Here are a few pics (purportedly) of FCPX, the import window, with the stabilization and rolling shutter analysis checkboxes as promised 🙂

A waveform display, hope we have some control over how it looks, this looks like the Aurora Borealis!

And the Project Browser:

Here are some videos showing the preview of Final Cut Pro X at the SuperMeet at NAB this year:


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